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Film Series: Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 3-D!

2015. USA. Dir: J. J. Abrams. With Daisy Ridley, John Boyega. 135 min.

Forget the prequels (seriously, forget them); with a new, young cast and Abrams at the helm, the Force is stronger than ever in Episode VII. Expertly balancing nostalgia and freshness, Abrams ushers the spirit of the original trilogy into the 21st century – with some sic action scenes to boot.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Procrastination Destination: Star Wars


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Star Wars movie out. In honor of this addition to the saga, today’s Procrastination Destination is all about Star Wars!

As I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed the other day (I was that desperate to not study for calc), I came across maybe the funniest piece of Star Wars trivia I’ve ever heard:

According to Wookipedia (a real website that exists), the “upbeat, swinging genre of music, most notably performed by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes and the Max Rebo Band” is called… jizz. Yeah. Jizz.


Jizz instruments include the Bass Viol, Bandfill, Clak Beepbox, Dorenian Beshniquel, Fanfar, Gasan string drum, Jizz, Jizz-box, Kloo horn, Mood synthesizer, Nalargon, Ommni box, Peel rod, Ploong sounder, Slitherhorn (traz).

Hope this newfound knowledge of all of these funny words helps you make it through the last leg of finals!

Hidden Gems: Automated Shelves in the SciLi Basement


It was recently pointed out to me by my good friend, Johnny Lazebnik ‘16, that there are a lot of awesome places and things on campus that many people don’t know about. Despite being in a small bubble-like college environment, there’s a ton to do and see; while rushing through academic, extracurricular, and social routines, it can be hard to experience everything. But never fear, Wesleying is here, unveiling all of Wesleyan’s hidden gems so that you can get the most out of them or at least experience them vicariously through the Internet.

Starting off this series (no promises!) of posts is a mechanical treasure deep in the belly of the Science Library. If you venture down the stairs and past the fire exit that nearly everyone almost walks through, you’ll arrive in the basement. This is typically a quieter space, with several large tables, study rooms, and thesis carrels. You’ll notice, however, that this only takes up the front half of the room. If you head for the back, you’ll find rows of shelves, lined up like dominos, filling the space up to the back wall. But these shelves are no ordinary shelves. You’ll find that most of the shelves are so close together you can’t even get to the books on them! Seems strange, but this space-saving measure allows for a rather entertaining innovation: the shelves are automated.

That’s right, with just the push of a button, you can move one or more shelves out of your path, allowing you to get to your study materials. Pretty neat, huh? But why just stop there? Besides using the shelves for practical uses or just to marvel at the miracles of modern technology, you can have a lot more fun with them! If you’re down there and are in the mood for a study break that’s slightly more active than browsing the Internet, here are some things you can try.

Is Muammar Gaddafi Darth Vader?

Gaby Chavez ’13 invites you to attend an unconventionally edifying and refreshing presentation on Middle Eastern politics:

Is Muammar Gaddafi Darth Vader? How Star Wars Explains the Arab World — a talk given by Haroon Moghul. Currently the Executive Director of The Maydan Institute, Moghul served as Director of Public Relations at the Islamic Center at New York University  from 2007 to 2009. He holds an M.A. in Middle East and South Asian Studies from Columbia University, where he is currently a Ph.D. candidate. Mr. Moghul graduated from NYU in 2002 with a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Philosophy, and a minor in Arabic. He has also studied Persian, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. He was nominated for the 2009 Presidential Award for Best Teaching by a Graduate Student at Columbia University.

Chicken shawarmas will be served!

  • Date:   April 28 – April 28
  • Time:   6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Place:  PAC 002
  • Cost:   $no dollaz

Backstroke of the West at ADP

Cheryl Tan ’11 invites you to a screening of the timeless classic, “Backstroke of the West” or Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

The origin of  the ‘do not want’ meme, BotW is essentially Episode III with subtitles showing the literal translations of the Chinese dub. Some of the best misinterpretations can be seen in screenshots here, but the entire film promises to be full of hilarity.

  • Date: Today, Wednesday, January 26
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Place: ADP Grotto
  • Cost: Free!

Freshmanities #1

As Wesleying’s newest and youngest contributor, I thought I’d write about matters of particular concern for freshman.

So I present to you, straight from the third floor of Fauver Frosh:
The Star Wars: Episode I Drinking Game

· Everytime the Nemodian Viceroys talk to Darth Sidious, take a drink
· Everytime the Nemodian Viceroys make you laugh or feel slightly racist, drink
· Everytime there’s a cheesy scene transition, drink
· Everytime Obi-Wan has a bad joke that isn’t funny at all, drink
· Everytime that it is painfully obvious that Palpatine and Darth Sidious are one and the same, drink
· Everytime Jar-Jar does something “wacky,” drink
· Everytime the battle droids do something (like scream in pain) that is outside of the realm of logic, drink
· Everytime midi-chlorians are explained, take a shot
· Everytime Boss Nass clicks like an egg timer, drink
· Everytime the word “Bongo” is said, drink
· Everytime Obi-Wan is seen fixing something, drink
· Everytime Qui-Gon says something proverbial, drink
· Everytime Captain Panaka makes an obvious observation, drink
· Everytime Queen Amidala changes costume, drink
· Everytime someone speaks Huttese, drink
· Everytime Anakin boosts his own ego, drink
· Everytime Sebulba is a jackass, drink
· Everytime Tusken Raiders appear on screen, drink
· Everytime Darth Maul talks, drink
· Everytime the Chapor Snippet necklace appears on screen, drink
· Everytime Anakin escapes from something that would most certainly destroy him, drink
· Everytime a Gungan uses a gerund in place of a verb, drink
· Everytime there is blatant foreshadowing, drink
· When Qui-Gon dies, take a shot
· Everytime transmissions are lost/blocked, drink
· Everytime someone says “Droid dekas,” drink