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Bush speaks. You get hammered.

Ready to hear another Bush speech about how America is strong, and how he’s keeping terrorists from setting off a radiological dirty bomb on your back porch? You’re in luck. This year’s State of the Union address is tomorrow at 9:00 PM.

Instead of sneering at the man, why not down some hard liquor and pretend that the days of good jobs and cheap oil never went away? And really, you could stand to stop thinking about global climate change for at least a few hours.

To help you in your efforts to attain a positive outlook on Bush’s presidency, The State of the Union Address Drinking Game has crafted a wonderful set of rules for getting delightfully drunk. (Disclaimer: 21+ only; always drink responsibly. Wesleying prefers our readers alive.)

Bush says “nukular”? Take a shot. The camera shows Nancy Pelosi? Take a shot, without moving any facial muscles. A mention of “border security” calls for a shot of tequila. And if the president mentions water-boarding? “Lean your head back and have a friend pour a shot into your mouth; gargle.”

That’s a pretty unique form of torture.