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Get Published: Stethoscope Press Seeks Writers

Rebecca Brill ’16 writes in:

Stethoscope Press, Wesleyan’s student-run press, is open for submissions! Stethoscope loves to publish creative, long-form texts: In the past, we’ve published an illustrated guide to the birds of Connecticut, a graphic novel, a collection of short stories and collages, a multimedia memoir, and a novella. This is a year-long commitment that enables you to work one-on-one with an editor from October through late April, as well as workshop your book with the entire press. Writers will also be responsible for the design of their book with the help of Stethoscope’s design editor.

Interested? To apply, please send us a Word document with:
1) Name, major, year, and any past writing experience.
2) A one-page proposal describing your idea for a book. The proposal should be as detailed as possible–please include what you want to do, literary influences, and any other related thoughts. Please also include a couple sentences on why you feel Stethoscope is the best fit for your project. Your book may change over time, but it is important for us to get a sense of your thought process and creative interests.
3) Please also send us 6-8 pages of writing that relates to your proposal or showcases your strengths. Feel free to send one piece or several excerpts.

If you have any questions, contact Rebecca Brill at rebrill[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

To apply: email stethoscopepress[at]gmail[dot]com

DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 14 at 5 PM

Apply to Be a Stethoscope Press Editor

stethoscopeFrom Rebecca Brill ’16:

Stethoscope Press, Wesleyan’s only student run publishing press, is looking for a few more editors! As an editor, you will work one on one with a writer to create a beautifully published book by the end of the year. If you love the process of writing, editing, and designing, consider joining us for a rewarding and collaborative experience. In the past, we’ve published graphic novels, poem collections, novellas, memoirs, and short stories.

To apply, please send a 5-7 page writing sample to stethoscopepress[at]gmail[dot]com and a few sentences on why you’re applying and what kind of writing excites you. The deadline is Sunday, September 20 at 4pm.

Don’t hesitate to email Rebecca Brill (rebrill[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) with questions.

Deadline: Sunday, September 20 at 4 PM

Stethoscope Press deadline approaching

From the one and only, most extraordinary Amy Zhang ’15

Hello budding authors! A reminder that Stethoscope Press book proposals are due Tuesday, September 23 at midnight. For the
application instructions, please see previous post: here


A few FAQ:

Q: Can I submit more than one book proposal?
A: No.

Q: I have so many ideas for my book. What kind of details should I
include in the proposal?
A: You should develop one idea thoroughly but mention other
possibilities. We don’t expect a completely unified, coherent idea
right now. So just give us a good understanding of what’s going on in
your mind in terms of themes to explore, style, etc. Do what you want
to do, not what you think we’ll like.

Direct any more questions to Amy Zhang (azhang@wesleyan.edu) and Kate Weiner (kweiner@wesleyan.edu).

Due date: Tuesday 9/23 at midnight!

Get Published: Stethoscope Without A Doctorate

doctor_examining_a_patient_clip_artAttention all writers at Wesleyan: Stethoscope Press currently seeks writers of any ilk for their 2015 publication cycle. If you’re not familiar with Stethoscope, this is a tremendous opportunity and YOU COULD BE PART OF IT! Kate “Witchy” Weiner ’15 has all the magnificent, seductive, and irresistible details for you:

Stethoscope Press, Wesleyan’s only student-run press, is open for submissions! Stethoscope loves to publish creative, long-form texts: in the past, we’ve published an illustrated guide to the birds of Connecticut, a graphic novel, a collection of short stories and collages, a multimedia memoir, and a novella.

Stethoscope Press Deadline Extension


Alec Harris ’14 writes:

Stethoscope Press is extending the deadline for submissions for both books and chapbooks! Submissions are now due Friday, October 4th at 11:59pm, so do not delay!

We are Wesleyan’s only student-run press. We publish books by individual student writers, who work one-on-one with our editors all year. We will help take you from idea to creative work to layout to published book. If selected, you will meet fortnightly with your editor to work on your project. The final book will be thirty to fifty pages and beautifully designed. To submit, please send the following to stethoscopepress(at)gmail(dot)com:

  • A project proposal of one or two paragraphs explaining your idea for your book as well as your interest in publishing a long-format work. Any and all genres accepted.
  • A sample of your previous work. This should be about five pages and in the genre in which you plan to write your book.

More after the jump!

Stethoscope Press Final(s) Reading & Launch Party


From Kate Weiner ’15‘s book.

From Piers Gelly ’13:

Come to Espwesso at 7:00 p.m. tonight for the Stethoscope Press final reading and launch party! Our books are finally here and at this reading they’ll be free for the taking. Past experience has shown that the books go like hotcakes, so arrive on time in order to get your copies of:

  • Relative Strangers, a book of poems by Josh Krugman ’14
  • Oroitz, a philosophical mystery novella by Nate Dolton-Thornton ’15
  • Informant, a collection of essays in China by Amy Zhang ’15
  • Civics, a collection of Cold War-era short stories by Rachel Pincus ’13
  • Home, a collection of short stories about homes and homelessness by Kate Weiner ’15

Refreshments will be served!

Date: Today, Wednesday, May 15
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Espwesso
Facebook: Here

Stethoscope [Gently] Presses You to Help ’em Publish

Wesleyan’s Stethoscope Press has brought you entirely student-published literature, artwork, and appropriate Wesleying post images for more than a year and a half now. Piers Gelly ’13 hopes you’ll give back:

Stethoscope is doing a fundraiser to pull together some last minute funds! Our books are mostly written and about to go to print, but we’re a few dollars short.

We’ll also be doing a bake/d sale at Zonker Harris Day.

With a description this succinct, what’s not to love? …the description, you say? Ugh, rude. Here’s a little more, from the Indiegogo site:

Each year, we select several writers who work one-on-one with an editor to produce a book of original work. This year, we’re printing five books: a novella, a collection of poems, two collections of short stories, and a book of essays. […]

Please consider donating to Stethoscope! Any amount, however small, means a lot. It costs $4.40 to print one copy of any one book, so by donating just $10, you’ll be funding two whole books. For $22, you’ll be supporting one copy each of all five books.

We are offering some great rewards for donations. Take a look!

Show your support to Stethoscope by next Monday, Aprill 22, if you’d like to help out.

Stethoscope Reading-in-Progress

Thesis? Pfft. Five students are writing books. Piers Gelly ’13 has more:

Come to Espwesso this Friday to hear new work from Stethoscope’s five writers, all of whom will wow you! These people are writing entire books over the course of this academic year, and they are off to a hot, hot start. In alphabetical order:

NATE DOLTON-THORNTON ’15 will read from his beguiling philosophical novella, which is set in California.
JOSH KRUGMAN ’14 will read us some poems, possibly from a unique liquid podium.
RACHEL PINCUS ’13 will read from her short fiction about Cold War-era intrigue.
KATE WEINER ’15 will read some short fiction on the deceptively simple theme of home.
AMY ZHANG ’15will read some nonfiction about China, America, and family situations in which the twain have met.

Refreshments will be severed!

Date: Friday, December 7
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Place: Espwesso

Stethoscope Press Reading and Book Release

If you haven’t had enough of student writers after Wednesday, here’s something to “flight” your metaphorical “boat.” Leia Jane Zidel ’12 knows how to operate a printing press:

This is the final reading for this year’s Stethoscope Press writers. Please come and hear Jason Katzenstein ’13, Alec Harris ’14 Glenn Stowell ’13, and Daniel Goldman ’12 read from their books that they have been working hard on all year. Also, this is the first time their books will be available to pick up. There are only 400 copies of each book, and they will go quickly!

There will be a Q+A after the reading.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Date: Friday, May 11
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center, Allbritton