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STI Update from the Argus

Update from the Argus:

To the Wesleyan Community:
We have recently been informed that one of the three STI positives was a false positive and one of the positives had already been diagnosed. Only one STI positive was diagnosed by the clinic.
We apologize for this error in reporting.
-The Argus Editorial Board

Argus Correction

From the Argus:
The Argus ran an article today that says that the results of ASHA’s STI Clinic showed that three students tested positive for HIV. On behalf of the Argus Editorial Board, we would like to clarify that three students tested positive for STIs, not for HIV. We apologize to the Wesleyan community and to ASHA for this serious oversight on our behalf.
Adam Rashkoff ’13, author of the original article, also writes in to clarify:
The article that was published under my name on the front page of today’s paper contains an egregious editing error—it claims that three Wesleyan students tested positive for HIV. This is false, and I did not write this. The real story is that three students tested positive for STIs in general (could have been anything from chlamydia to gonorrhea), not HIV.
(7:40 edit by Zach)