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The Human Mirror (with Stone & Stone again)

Hilarious experiment: get a bunch of identical twins together and have them fill a subway car, each across from the other. What do you get? That’s right, a human mirror!

Well, Improv Everywhere enacted this concept in real life NYC. Check out improveverywhere.com for the fantastic video (and a full report of the creation process), featuring Todd & Adam Stone ’05 (above, foreground) as well as other seriously awesome twins.

Speaking of the Stones (comedian duo, on this season’s Last Comic Standing), go to their website for some more of their videos.

[edit] Video of said experiment:

[edit by Sheek]
Thanks to both Liz & Rachel for the tip!

Stone & Stone on Last Comic Standing!

Wesleyan has had significant success in recent years getting its alums pretty far on reality TV shows (Kim Stolz ’05 in America’s Next Top Model, David Olsen ’01 the winner of Beauty & The Geek 4, Jordan Schulkin ’06 on Yo Momma, AND ALSO Zach Webster ’06 on Clash of the Choirs.

The trend continues with Adam and Todd Stone ’05 making it to this season’s Last Comic Standing, which premiered last night on NBC. NBC has a video up featuring them already – check it out.