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In the Middle: Snowstorm postpones two events

The meeting at City Hall regarding the U.S. Army’s plans to build a training base in the Maromas section of town has been postponed, according to Ed McKeon at Caterwauled. We’ll provide another update when we find out the new time and date, which The Man says should be announced within a few days.

Also, Anonymous has noted that the Middletown Straw Poll has been postponed, and will now take place on Saturday, January 26, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM, at the Holy Trinity Church at 381 Main Street. More info here.

Enjoy the snow (I know I am), if you’re in New England!

Middletown Straw Poll

This year’s Middletown Straw Poll is being held Friday, January 25. Middletown Presidential Straw Poll Chairman John Kilian writes:

The Republicans at the state and local level have adopted the idea of holding a fundraiser/straw poll also to benefit the Connecticut Breast Cancer Association/Foundation on the same evening in Middletown, but at a different venue. The Javapalooza precinct will then in effect be the Democratic precinct in this year’s Middletown Straw Poll. Outreach to local and state party leaders of the Democratic Party have not achieved meaningful results. This is in stark contrast to the enthusiasm shown by Republicans.

The Middletown Straw Poll and the Connecticut Breast Cancer Association/Foundation would benefit greatly from the participation of a Democratic leader in this event, especially in the area of outreach to the campaigns and anything else you are interested in doing.

In the event of an overflow crowd the Church of the Holy Trinity, also on Main Street, is willing to loan us their chapel. I am not sure with the level of involvement by the local Democrats that without your help there will be a need for this extra space. It is a great opportunity to activate people motivated by the presidential races. I am hoping the Democrats will take full advantage.

What it is:

Representatives of the campaigns on the ballot in Connecticut presidential primary will advocate for their candidates before ballots are collected from the audience. Also in attendance will be special guests and former Middletown Straw Poll champions Congressman Joe Courtney and Mayor Alan Schlesinger, along with members of the print, radio and television media.

Donations will support the CT Breast Cancer Coalition/Foundation. More details, as well as background info on the Straw Poll, can be found at middletownstrawpoll.com. To reiterate, the details are:

Date: Friday, Jan. 25, 2008
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: 330 Main Street