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WesBAM! Finals Week classes

Fun stuff from the inspiring and fabulous Renee Dunn ’14

Finals craziness is upon us, but don’t let the stress eat away at your body, mind, and soul! During these tolling times, come unwind or invigorate, for a healthier finals experience and overall rejuvenation. De-stress with WesBAM! Show yourself some love.


Check out the Facebook event or our website event page.

Be sure to like us on Facebook so that you receive notice about added classes or scheduling changes!

Another helpful resource is the WesBAM! Blog. Brows this page for a slew of posts on managing stress, maintaining sanity, pulling all nighters, and snacking healthy.


Date: December 7 – 13, 2013
Time: See schedule
Place: Fayerweather studios


Treat Yo Self and De-stress Yo’self (Part 3)

Alex Pogosky ’13 just, uh, combined grilled cheese, chai, professional massage, and support for a Wesleyan-sponsored school in rural India into one even submission:

Come get a grilled cheese, chai, lassi, and a massage on Sunday from 9-11 in Woodhead Lounge!

Licensed massage therapist all the way from Indonesia will be to calm all your pre-final anxiety.

Grilled Cheese – $2
Lassi – $2
Chai – $1
5 minute massage from licensed therapist – $4
5 minute massage from one of us non licensed folk – $3

COMBO: grilled cheese, chai, massage – $5. All proceeds go to a Wesleyan sponsored school in rural India!

Date: Tonight, May 5
Time: 9:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: See above

Stress and Well-Being Facilitation


Jessica Katzen ’16, Ally Ruchman ’16 and Alessandra Cervera ’16 shout:

Stressed Out about finals? Want to discuss healthy and unhealthy

Come join us at Well-Being House on Wednesday, May 1st from 7 to 8 for
a short facilitation about dealing with stress. There will be an
interesting discussion and some healthy snacks!

Hope to see you there.

Date: May 1, 2013
Time: 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Well-Being House, 250 Court Street
Cost: High blood pressure free

Call 8-to-8

A reminder from 8-to-8:

Midterms stressing you out? Feeling overwhelmed? Need a safe space to get something off your chest?

Call or chat 8-to-8, your friendly confidential & anonymous student listening service. We’re here to listen to all calls and chats – big or small.

Reach us at 860 685-7789 every night from 7PM to 7AM, or chat us online from 7PM to 2AM.

Photo Evidence: Therapy Dogs Come to Zelnick

Puppies on Fountain, puppies on Vine, puppies on Warren, puppies on Pine. Puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies at the corner of Wyllys and High. Puppies with us and puppies with them, puppies at Zelnick at 4 p.m.

Okay, they weren’t technically all puppies, but the parody doesn’t work so well otherwise. Bringing the best new event to Reading Week since chronic lung damage, Holly Everett ’15 and the rest of Sign and Writing Houses seemed to think student stress levels warranted bringing “6 lovely, cuddly dogs” to campus for pet therapy. The dogs hailed from Tails of Joy,  a nonprofit affiliate group of Intermountain Therapy Animals based in Manchester, Connecticut, and they chilled in Zelnick for two hours on Saturday, greeting gushing Wesleyan students and generally acting like adorable, meticulously trained therapy dogs.  A few images from the historic interspecies mingle appear below.

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Stress-Free Extravaganza

Jeanne McPhee ’13 invites you to spend a romantic relaxing afternoon with the PHA’s:

Join WesWell in Usdan this Friday to prepare for a stress free finals week! There will be many de-stressing activities such as coloring, cultivating gratitude, testing your knowledge of sleep hygiene, some awesome giveaways and much more!

To top it all off, Shira Engel ’14 will be leading a yoga class in Usdan 108 from 12:30-1:30pm!

Date: Friday, Dec. 7
Time: 11:30-1:30pm
Location: Usdan
Cost: freeee

Free Yoga Sessions @ Fayerweather

Raghu Appasani ’12 with a (non-MINDS related post?!):

Stressed out from finals? Come over to Fayerweather 108 for a 30-minute Yoga session and get your mind off of things. Sessions will be led on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 4 pm.

Monday: Shira Engel ’14
Tuesday: Maggie Cohen ’12
Wednesday: Charles Horne ’12

Date: May 14, 15, and 17
Time: 4 pm
Place: Fayerweather 108


“I am incredibly excited to meet the person that I have become tomorrow because I assume that person will be happy, not stressed, and friendly to be around.”

Here we are: judgment day. In just a few hours, this will all be over. You will hand in nine or ten or twelve months’ worth of work, you will imbibe alcohol or whatever on the steps of Olin, you will head to the ice rink to rock out to Matisyahu (wait—what?), and you will slowly begin the process of reintegrating  yourself into society.  It’s sort of like emerging from prison. Right, Cara? Cara?

Once again, I pushed my way through the nooks and crannies Olin (as well as ST Lab), anxious to feel what it’s like to be a cracked out thesis-writer with the clock ticking in the last few days before the deadline. What I found, in a few writers, was a strong sense of being totally incapable of coherent human communication with anyone who isn’t writing a thesis. I interviewed a few homeless (read: carrel-less) writers as well this time—and discovered in ST Lab a vibrant late-night community of overcaffeinated, undernourished crazies challenging today’s deadline. Turns out there are a lot of caffeinated beverages you can accumulate when you’re working right by Pi.

Additional thanks is due A-Batte, Syed, pyrotechnics, and BZOD for this feature—not to mention every cagey senior thesis-writer who put up with our harassment. Thanks, guys. You really shouldn’t be reading this right now. Happy Thesis Day!

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8-to-8 to the Rescue!

Stressed about finals?

8-to-8 is available:

By Phone: 7 days a week from 7 pm -7 am at 860-685-7789

Online: 7 days a week  7pm – 2am at this link.

For 30 years, 8-to-8 has remained by Wesleyan students, for Wesleyan students- free, anonymous, confidential, and unaffiliated with CAPS. Whether you’re calling or chatting, our mission is to provide non-directive listening. This means that rather than providing direct advice, we’ll ask questions that help you sort through or gain clarity about issues and feelings, whether you contact us with a specific problem or if you’re just looking for a safe space to talk. You can find more information on the service on our website .