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Stride of Pride: Calling for an End to Slut-Shaming


Let’s salute our fellow cross-campus, early-morning weekend travelers (some of whom I have encountered on repeated occasions and hope to one day courageously approach in an effort to develop some sort of a friendship based on mutual sleep deprivation and the reprise of last night’s outfit, but my social skills are somewhat lacking) and offer them an alternative to the disgusting and extremely sexist use of the term “Walk of Shame.” I mean, let’s not try and sugarcoat it; sometimes the walk back to your own room after a night of adventure can feel a little shameful.

But it shouldn’t.

The ubiquitous “Walk of Shame” talk needs to stop. We enjoy the less common but much more empowering term “Stride of Pride.” It’s a gender-neutral way to describe a guilt-free sunrise walk back to one’s own room. It’s really unacceptable that women are still made to feel ashamed for expressing their sexuality or exercising their right to engage in casual, sexual relationships in a way men have been been applauded for doing for years. Everyone should have the freedom to feel proud of their choices, whether or not those choices involve any sexual activity. Also, you can be doing a stride of pride for any number of reasons! Just got a free cup of coffee? Stride of pride it up!