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Sky Bars EP Release


Your friendly neighborhood band Sky Bars just released their first (and likely last) EP. You can give it a listen HERE.

Sky Bars got started three years ago when we played our first gig at the 2012 Awesomefest.  Over the past years, we’ve come to develop more cohesion and gain a better sense of the sound we aspire to, and a huge part of that development has been thanks to our friends and classmates who have come out to support us at our shows and motivated us to write and perform music that sounds good, feels good, and grooves hard. Some of our best memories have been at those concerts.  Sadly, the Sky Bars era may come to a close rather soon, as many of our members graduate this May.  As a result, we offer this EP to commemorate these past years and say thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and supported our music.  All the tracks are original, and they represent a small selection of our favorite tunes that have come out of our time together, some old and some new.  Please listen, download, dance hard, and share with your friends.  Much love to you all!
Will Fraker ’14, Tory Mathieson ’14, Jessica Best ’14 <3’s Jeff Berman ’14, Derek Frank ’15, Gabe Beaudoin ’15, Nate Campagne ’15, Eriq Robinson ’15, Julia Chanin ’15

"Give It to Me Hardcore" show at Eclectic

In what’s being billed as “a radical queercore and punk rock explosion,” The Noms and Precision Libido are to perform at the “Give It to Me Hardcore” show this Friday. More on Facebook.

The Noms and Precision Libido will be rocking the fuck out in the noisiest, angriest, friendliest, sexiest, and sex-positivlieist of ways. There will be special guest performances, too. This concert has to end at midnight (when everything goes all pumpkin-shaped), so be fashionable, by all means, but don’t be late.

The Noms is Max Krafft ’09, Jeff Rovinelli ’10, Daniel Selsam ’09, Thaddeus Ruzicka ’08, Jared Paul ’11, and Josh Koenig ’09.

Precision Libido is Rayna Edwards ’10, Elissa Martel ’10, and Aliza Simons ’09.

Date: Friday, Dec. 12
Time: 9:00 PM – midnight
Place: Eclectic

[Via Aliza Simons ’09.]

German Haus seeks student bands

Heather Stanton ’10 writes:

Are you a member of a student band interested in playing a gig on campus? Play at Oktoberfest at German Haus on Thursday, Oct. 30! We are mostly looking for “folksy” type bands, but all are welcome to apply. Email Heather at hstanton@wes if you’re interested, and to find out more.

You will be compensated with free food!

WesNYC Music: MGMT, Bottle Up and Go, Spirit Marines

In the New York area? No plans tomorrow? Well, it’s the luckiest day of the year (7/7/07), so you shouldn’t just sit on your ass. Why don’t you take a trip to the Flamboyan Theatre (107 Suffolk, NYC) and see MGMT (formerly known as The Management)? Their new album Oracular Spectacular will be out this September, and word on the street is that it’s really good.

If you head over to Bottle Up and Go‘s myspace, you will also see that they have several New York shows coming up including a show with The Spirit Marines at TRASH BAR (256 Grand, Brooklyn) this Monday, July 9th. I plan to be there, and hopefully I will see you. Hopefully, I will be drunk and ready to tell you all about post-Wesleyan life.

Bands performing at WestCo Cafe

Rosina Belcourt ’08 would like you to “come see Wesleyan bands Red Wire Black Wire and Babewatch, as well as Red Sails, a folk/experimental/blues/rock band visiting from New York. Red Wire Black Wire goes on first at 10:00, followed by Red Sails and then Babewatch.”

Date: Friday, May 4
Time: 10:00 PM
Place: WestCo Café
Cost: Free

Passion and Profession

Melanie Cherng ’08 sends in:

Indie Rock Band Johnny HIFI performance and workshop on “Passion and Profession”

Asian American Indie Rock band, Johnny Hi-Fi, will perform and lead a workshop on “Passion and Profession”. One critic calls them the “Radiohead of the boy-band generation”. Another reviewer created for them a new genre “Asian-Britpop”. Their fans simply call them the “American Coldplay”. They have toured all over the US and Asia. All of band members are full time professionals such as doctor, IT ceo, graphic designer etc., as well as members of Johnny HiFi. They will come and share their music but also hold a workshop on their experiences as both band members and full time professionals, the pressures they faced from their parents and peers, and how they currently maintain this tenuous balance between working full time and expanding their creative and artistic talents through music. The discussion will begin at 8 and the performance at 9 pm. Wesleyan’s own Apples for Immigrants will open Johnny HiFi’s performance with a fifteen minute set.

Begin your Saturday evening with good music and good conversation as musicians share their personal experiences.

Date: Saturday, April 28
Panel Discussion: 8-9 PM
Performance: 9-10 PM , Opening by Wesleyan’s own Apples for Immigrants
Place: 200 Church

Update on Tonight’s WESU Show

Jeffrey Wong ’08 tells us that Grizzley Bear did have to cancel due to a death in the family but we have replaced them with Japanther.

The show will still be going on at Eclectic from 7pm to Midnight, but will now be FREEEEEE. If you bought a ticket already, however, you can get a refund at Eclectic. WESU members will be at the door to sell T-shirts and such, so just give them your ticket and they’ll refund your money.

Guns Drawn, The Boys, The Boca All-Stars to play Westco Cafe

If OMGMUSIC isn’t quite your cup of saturday night musical experience tea, or if you’d rather see bands composed of your wonnerful peers, you might want to check this out: “A TRIPLE FEATURE SPECTACULAR the likes of which you’ve never seen before… unless you have seen Grindhouse… while hopped up on Special K… while receiving a blow job… while smelling the scent of freshly baked apple pie… while feeling the kiss of a cool breeze…while tasting the salt of your tears as they trickle down your cheek.”

ze Bands:
Guns Drawn:
Prospector: Joe Stankus
Sheriff: Jon Sirlin
Outlaw: Jake Greenberg
“Drummer”: Dustin Brockner

The Boys:
The Dirrrty Clown
Big Joe Stankus
MC Testee
MC Unreliable
MC Grigorian

The Boca All-Stars
Miles Pearce: guitar
Miles Abraham Turner: Bass
Galen DeGraf: Drums

Time: 10pm, Saturday Night
Place: The Westco Cafe
Price: Sweat, Fear

Lumberjack Isto 2.0

I’m a bit late with this, but the wonderful Isto, Chris White ’06, has posted a buttload of new videos. Watch them here on youtube.

Here’s a personal favorite from this series…

Make sure to check out the rest!