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Nat Webb Appearance (er Coffee House)

Alpha Delt will be hosting Nat Webb, yes, all of him, this Thursday. They will be appeasing the beast with snacks, coffee and music. If you are lucky, a few morsels may escape his grasp and you may eat them.

Performers will include Drake Morgan, Alex Pfeifer-Rosenblum, Todd Rosenthal, Steve Sunu, Zach Young, and, making a triumphant return from graduation, Nat Webb! (And also hopefully Pat Wolf :D )

Date: Thursday, February 22
Time: 8pm-10pm
Place: ADP living room

WesMusic Update

Wesleyan’s own Boy Crisis has some new tunes! Boy Crisis is Tal Rozen ’06, Victor Vasquez ’06, Alex Kestner ’06, and Lee Pender ’07 with most of their videos directed by Jordan Fish ’06. They claim to sound like “a computer having sex with a beautiful bird or something”, and I’d say that’s relatively accurate. Listen to the two new tunes, “Boy Crississippi” and “Seven Years War”, up on their space.

In other Wes music news, you can now listen to a live version of “Ollie Oxen Free” by Laura Goldhamer ’06 from her recent tour with Belly Boat.

Attn: Wesleyan Music People

Sophie Pollitt-Cohen ’09 is working over at VH1 over break and would like to invite all you talented musicians to take part in a new contest. She writes:

Inspired by the upcoming romantic comedy Music and Lyrics, VH1 and Warner Brothers are offering aspiring songwriters the chance to be heard with “Your Music, Your Lyrics,” a contest starting Tuesday and running through Jan. 20. The lucky winning songwriter will be flown to Los Angeles for the red carpet premiere of Music and Lryics and will also have their song professionally recorded.

Sound good?

Then write, record and upload an original love song to http://www.talentload.tv.

(Also you should totally make a music video for it and upload it to youtube so that we can put it here, too, because there’s nothing we like more than watching silly Wesleyan music videos.)

Belly Boat: winter break west coast tour

You may have seen Belly Boat (featuring Silvie Margot Deutsch ’09), Laura Goldhamer ’06, or Daniela Gesundheit ’04 of Snowblink perform on campus, but west coast folks have a chance to see them live this winter break. Xue mentioned this earlier, but I figured I’d post the tour dates for those of you who may be lazy. This will give you an opportunity to hear some quality tunes while ditching your parents or the television reruns*. Or…if you’re the kind of person whose parents complain that you don’t spend enough time with them, why not bring them with you? They might be particularly interested in Natalie Tate remixing their p*ssy.

* Beware of “My Super Sweet Sixteen”. It is the best way to increase Brainrot.

  • January 3rd, 8:00PM– Santa Cruz, CA w/ Port o’Brien
  • January 5th, 8:00PM– Portland, OR w/ Laura Goldhamer
  • January 6th, 8:00PM– Olympia, WA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate
  • January 7th, 8:00PM– Seattle, WA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate
  • Januart 8th, 8:00PM– Eugene, OR w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate
  • January 12th, 8:00PM– San Francisco, CA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Natalie Tate, Snowblink
  • January 14th, 8:00PM– Santa Cruz, CA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Isabela Soloman
  • January 16th, 9:00PM– Los Angeles, CA w/ Laura Goldhamer, Pocahaunted, Sounder
  • January 20th, 9:00PM– Santa Monica, CA featuring Snowblink only (details)

** All dates include Belly Boat except January 20th. See their myspace page for venue details as available.


WesMusic, for real

Youth hero Laura Goldhamer ’06 of biodiesel bus fame is coming out with a full length album, Ye Olde Leave Behind. She’ll also be touring the west coast with Belly Boat (half of which is Silvie Margot Deutsch ’09) with some dates including Snowblink, the band of Daniela Gesundheit ’04. Thanks for the heads-up goes to Joe John, who apparently can’t remember that he’s a Wesleying contributor and just e-mails us his news instead*.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Making Flippy Floppy Concert

Making Flippy Floppy, a Talking Heads cover-band, will be holding a concert tomorrow night in Westco.

Date: Tuesday, December 12
Time: 9:00pm
Place: Westco Lounge

“Only 50 people allowed in so come early, and be ready to dance. Seriously.”

Bands @ Earth House

Free and good music this Thursday…

Date: Thursday, October 5th
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: Earth House (159 High Street)

Snowblink is the extraordinary singer and guitarist Daniela Gesundheit and a revolving cast of others. Daniela is from California and lives in San Francisco.

Nat Baldwin
Nat Baldwin is a great doublebassist and singer who plays solo, accompanying himself on bowed and plucked bass. Nat is also the bassist for the Dirty Projectors. He lives in Portsmouth, NH.

Extra Life
Extra Life is the solo moniker for Charlie Looker, an instrumental component of the famous Dirty Projectors, Zs and Silver Sprigs, whose music can all be easily found on the internet. Charlie Lives in New York City.

Belly Boat
Belly Boat is Silvie Margot Deutsch ’09 and Zoe Ruth Cusmus Latta. The two sing charming and racy songs supported by Silvie’s piano and Zoe’s accordion. They are both from Santa Cruz and live in Middletown and Providence.