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The Fall 2013 Study Abrog Collection

Super awkward misunderstandings, beautiful sunsets, getting lost, delicious food, weird food, really weird food, astounding historical sites, new friends, new language, cathedrals/temples/churches/mosques, legally drinking (and then sadly returning home to realize you’re still 20….), self exploration, art, culture, life outside the Wes bubble.


Dear Wesleyan friends, it’s time now to take a break from your midterms and spend some time musing over the blogged adventures of your peers studying abroad.  There’s currently a couple hundred juniors scattered across the globe covering all continents except, well do people study abroad to Antarctica? If so let me know, that’s awesome.

While it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch with Facebook, e-mail, sexy Viber messages, and even snap chat, these students have decided to share their experiences with you by way of blog. And I must say, of the very long history of Wesleying collecting abrogs (abloags?), this fall 2013 collection is particularly nice.  From poetry to breathtaking photos, life changing moments and really silly stories, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.  So read on for a little vicarious living from your friends, acquaintances, that kid you had class with once, or maybe just a random person you’ve never met at all. Besides, maybe you’ll find a cute junior to crush on, stalk their blog all semester and then actually meet them once they return in January. There’s no pick up line creepier and more fantastic than “I loved what you wrote about cultural differences on your blog, I totally agree. Wanna make out?”

Also! if you too are abroad this semester and have a blog to share, or perhaps have a friend with an abrog, by all means send us an email to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with the link and a subject line reading “Study Abroad Blog”. Then we will add it to this post and you too will receive Wesleying abrog fame and glory…

Score Free Food & Write About It for WesStuffed


Are you at Wesleyan for the summer? Bummed by your limited on-campus dining options/money supply? Not to worry; your next seitan wrap is only 45 days away. But until then, you can earn some free food – and get to know some restaurants in the Middletown area – by writing for WesStuffed. Ari Rudess ’15 and Alex Irace ’15 write in:

Have you ever wanted to eat a bunch of free cupcakes, make friends with someone who owns a restaurant, or write a published article? Good news! Now you can! If you’re on campus this summer, WesStuffed, Wesleyan’s official food blog, is looking for students who are currently at Wesleyan and want to go down to some of our favorite Middletown restaurants and chat with the owners about what’s happened while the rest of the student body has been away. Free food is a high possibility. Meeting an awesome person and publishing an article are definites. If you’re interested, hit us up at info[at]wesstuffed[dot]com. The sooner the better!

WHERE: on campus/in the Middletown area
WHY: food, potentially lots of it. The best thing since free pizza on Foss.

A Plea For Culture: Send Us Your Abrogs

“Then we all went to Granada and checked out this nightclub opened by this other guy they all knew. It was cool: They had pretty good paella there, but otherwise it was pretty much just like any bar back in Bloomington.”

There’s a changing-of-the-guards going on in Junior Village. As over 170 juniors return from abroad experiences all over the freakin’ globe, another 120 juniors (plus a handful of 2014-ers) embark this month on travels of their own. Some of you may even be reading this very blog post from your street cafe in Bodh Gaya or Buddhist temple in Paris! So it goes.

Last semester, Wesleying sent out a call and put the spotlight on some of these abroad blogs (read: abrogs), which mostly seemed base in France, France, France, Australia, and Pearl Street, respectively. Then came a second edition, which featured Blogspot- and WordPress-hosted forays into Bodh Gaya, Israel, and—my personal fave—one student’s epic quest to discover her namesake among elephants in Tanzania.

The point of all this? If you’re maintaining a blog/Flickr/Twitter/Friendster/Xanga/LiveJournal while abroad, it’s something to write home about. Send us the link and a bit about what you’re up to. Email staff<at>wesleying<dot>org, and put “ABROAD BLOG” in the subject line. Thanks!

Notes from the Study Abroadosphere

“I’ve met people from all over: a guy from Penn State, these two Sig Ep brothers from the University of Oregon, and some really cool people from Clemson,” said Blevins, a political-science major who is taking eight credits at the Universidad de Sevilla.”

Over 170 juniors are studying abroad right now. That’s X% percent of the class of 2013, and if you do the math (which I haven’t), X is a pretty big number, like almost definitely in double digits. That’s a lot of wayward WesKids lurking outside cafes in Paris, monasteries in Bodh Gaya, and storage units on Pearl Street. When you really think about, that means a ton of postcards (snail mail 4 tha win, guys), Blogspots, and wall posts prominently featuring the word “Skype.” Oh, and so many blogs.

Last month we put out a call to all you expatriates scrolling Wesleying in your “Parisian cafe/German bar/Czech spire/Tibetan hut/South African safari jeep/Mid-East kibbutz/Nicaraguan commie village”: send us your blog. Please. Mostly, for whatever reason, we just heard back from the ones in France. (Oh. And Sexty-Five Pearl. Yes, they’re still thriving.)

Click past the jump for a few of the study abroad blogs (abrogs?) we received, which are almost exclusively from France. Click here for some of last year’s delights. And email us (staff<at>wesleying<dot>org) if you still want to be included. It’s not too late.

Sexty Five Pearl Residents Blog, Are Sexty

Earlier this week we put out a call for study abroad blogs, from all programs and locales, of all shapes and sizes. What we actually received was a lil bit different: a captivating glimpse into the daily world of “five Wesleyan student doing a domestic program over on Pearl Street, sort of behind Russell House.” They are Caitlin Palmer ’13, Tobias Butler ’13, Anna Swartz ’13, Emily Black ’13, and Hilary Rappaport ’13. But together, they are Sexty Five Pearl. WHATUPPPPPP.

The adventures are beyond stimulating: sometimes they install shower heads, sometimes they make artichoke dip, but always they blog about it, and why not? They even have a doorbell! We spoke with Sexty-Five correspondent Anna Swartz and sought to learn more about what makes Sexty Five Pearl so goddamn titillating and sexty . . .