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Here Are All the Student Forums Happening this Semester

Drop/add began last Thursday and it’s proven to be the shitshow it usually is. If you were one of the 100+ folks on one of Professor Anthony Hatch’s course wait lists, you might have to do some ~reshuffling~.

Student forums can be a great option to fill up your schedule, especially if you’re a second-semester senior and cringe at the idea of a final paper longer than 3 paragraphs. Student forums are half- and full-credit courses constructed and taught by Wesleyan students. You can take up to 2.0 credits worth of student forums and have the credits count toward graduation.

Most of the student forums aren’t listed on WesMaps, and it’s difficult to sift through Facebook events when their algorithm is designed to keep us in perpetual digital stasis, so here are all the student forums happening this semester: