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Preliminary Meeting for Introduction to Disability Studies Student Forum

When it comes to teaching courses numbered “420,”  you can count on Oriana Ott ’1420:

This first meeting will be to discuss what the forum will be covering, what people are interested in, and when we will meet.

The forum will cover a broad range of topics and theoretical approaches around the treatement of different bodies and minds. There is significant overlap with feminist and queer theory.

D8: Wednesday the First
7-8:30 PM: Time, obviously
Usdan Room #: 110 (Andersen Meeting Room)

Not sure how to handle the student forum onslaught? Me neither. Feel free to review those submitted to Wesleying here or the master list on the university website if you think it will help, though!

ECON420 Info Session

This post was not made by frostedmoose, therefore the submitter Alexa Atamanchuk ’12 does not get a nickname, despite hir demands. However, should frostedmoose choose to edit this post, the tables may yet turn.

This semester there will be an economics student forum on alternative schools of economic thought with an information session of its own too! Come to PAC107 on Monday night to get information on assignments/applications/enrollment forms. Feel free to e-mail aatamanchuk[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you can’t make it but are interested.

Course Description:
Many students of economics believe they have a strong handle on basic economic theory, but what happens when we move beyond the neoclassical and Keynesian frameworks we have been taught in classes such as ECON101-302? What conclusions should we reach if we work through the problems raised in these classes guided by Marxian, Austrian, or neo-Ricardian economic theory? This course will examine the issues, methods and concerns of these alternative schools of economic thought, comparing their arguments and conclusions to those of contemporary mainstream theory.
Date: Jan. 30
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: PAC 107
[Editorial Addition, 11.12AM: I hereby decree you, Alexa Atamanchuk, as ATTANUNCHUKS. Or Man-Chucky. Or Chuck-E-Cheese. Or Squirrel Fingers. I haven’t decided. New poll, maybe?

Contemporary Radical Jewish Thought student forum

From Miriam Kudler-Flam ’15:

Where can connections be drawn between traditional and modern Jewish practice? How can we invigorate ancient traditions in ways that feel meaningful and responsive to contemporary needs? How, and to what extent, can Judaism align contemporary values and support the quest for social justice? Where can we seek alternative answers to big questions that modern Jews often ask?

In this student forum, we will investigate these and other questions regarding contemporary Jewish thought and practice, exploring topics like race and whiteness, feminism and gender, sexuality, Israel/Palestine and Zionism, Shabbat, meditation, and radical denominationalism. We will develop a collaborative learning community, with opportunities for students to share readings and other media about their own areas of passion.

All students, of all class years and any or no religious and spiritual backgrounds, are welcome!

Please come to our first meeting to learn more , even if you’re not sure you’ll be able to take it. If you are interested but have a scheduling conflict, or for more information, please contact Allegra Stout (astout[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) and Miriam Kudler-Flam (mkudlerflam[at]wesleyan[dot]edu).

Date:   Jan. 31
Time:   7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Allbritton 311

Engineering Metaphors for Experience: Info Session

Partners-in-crime/blood brothers/occasional roommates Anastasis Germanidis ’13 and Shivan Bhavnani ’13 have been planning this student forum for a while, and finally it’s happening. Consciousness Club and Wesleyan Transhumanists alumni particularly welcome to come:

Engineering Metaphors for Experience (PHIL420) is a student forum about concepts: the ways we consume them, the ways we produce them, the things they do to us, the things we can do with them. We will read texts from fields as diverse as the philosophy of mind, cognitive science, anthropology, media studies, comparative mythology, linguistics, the history of science, and user interface design. In addition, we will experiment with techniques of imparting information that may not have been tried before.

The forum will be worth one full credit. We will meet on Monday nights from 7 to 8:30 PM. If you’re interested or vaguely intrigued, come to our informational meeting this Monday in PAC 002.

Date: Monday, Jan. 30
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Place: PAC 02
Cost: tsoC

Pornocopia II: Society and Pornography Info Session

The fine folks behind the epic sequel to the wildly popular student forum write in to announce an upcoming info session:

Hello Friends, come and attend this info session to learn what this forum is all about!

Pornography is everywhere. It is plastered on screens, posted on walls, posing on billboards, and pole-dancing its way through our minds. Despite its ubiquitous nature, porn is looked down upon. Society has always had a love-hate relationship with sexual expression. Publicly, it is condemned; yet, in the privacy of ones own home (or shower, or car, or bare-skin rug, etc), it is celebrated. How is one supposed to navigate these mixed messages? Moreover, there are stigmas based on gender, race, class and religion that dictate who is “allowed” to be sexual. The goal of this forum is to shine a light on the influence of the pornography industry in the construction of societies view of sexual expression. To do this, we will look at the development of the industry, trying to understand the ways it has evolved alongside social, political and technological revolutions.

Student Forum: Soc 420: Narcotic Hedonism

We will have two info sessions for our class:

Thursday, January 20th 7-8:30
…Monday, January 24th 7-8:30

Everyone should come by, listen to the presentation and apply!
The class is a pass/fail full credit course.

The purpose of this student forum is to discuss the relationship between society and it’s fascination and rejection of hedonistic drug use. Society has always frowned upon drug use and has held strong to the mantra of a drug free society. Our class aims to investigate whether this is an ethical and attainable goal. Historically, mankind has never had a drug free society and has found various uses for drugs such as recreation, medicinal purposes, spiritual experiences and an enhanced perception of reality. However, with the rise of the Western world, western value and religion, perceptions regarding the use of mind-altering substances started to change drastically.

How to Meet New Peeps Forum

Eric Schreiber ’11 writes in to tell all about a full credit student forum he’s teaching this semester. It sounds kind of pretty damn awesome.

PSYC 420: Saying Hello To Strangers: An exploration of the psychology, anthropology and theater of meeting new people.

YOU…. Me…. Usdan (conveyor belt side)—You wore Flannel, I—also wore Flannel. All our relationships, even the deepest ones, start with a first meeting. Who, how, why, and when we meet can have an enormous impact on our lives and the organization of kinship networks and society, yet meeting people can be an extremely complex and sometimes uncomfortable experience. This class will explore meetings as a case study in interpersonal relations with an eye towards identifying the elements that define comfortable, meaningful, and productive interactions, and what this reveals about social patterns and human psychology.

For more information, check out the Facebook page or contact enschreiber(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

New Hip Hop Forum

Kara Perez ’11 writes in to tell us of a hip hop forum (the music, that is—not dance) she’s teaching this semester. Here are the details for interested students:

Here are the facts: It meets from 7-9:50 on Mondays and is worth a full credit. It’s pass/fail as well. It will be up in Wesmaps, under the Music Department, this coming week. All interested students that have not already contacted me should send an email to kperez(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for a syllabus and should attend the first class on the 24th.

Clothing Sale in Exley for NGOs

From Nina Sheth and Rithi Mathias ’10:

The student forum “NGOs in the Developing World: Sustainability and Successes” is having a clothing sale in Exley right now.

Come help benefit Amcha Ghar, an Indian non-profit safe house/orphanage for female children of sex workers and orphans in Mumbai.

For $5 you can get three t-shirts, two pairs of pants, OR one jacket/larger item. All the proceeds will go directly towards supporting the children’s education.

Date: Sunday, May 9
Time: Until 8 pm
Place: Exley Science Center Lobby (Church St. side)
Cost: Only $5!