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Apply to be on the Student Judicial Board


Kate Cullen ’16 wants to help YOU know the SJB has open positions:

Hey Class of 2015 and Class of 2016!

Interested in applying to be on the SJB? Deadline’s comin’ up on March 28th. Here’s a message from Scott Backer with all the details:

The Student Judicial Board is seeking to fill five positions with students from the Class of 2015 and 2016. The position is a one or two-year appointment beginning in the Fall 2014 semester and continuing through the Spring 2016 semester. An application form is available through Karen Karpa, Clerk of the Student Judicial Board, located in the Dean of Students Office, North College, First Floor, Room 108. The deadline for applications to be handed in is Friday, March 28, 2013 at 5:00pm. A description of the duties of the Student Judicial Board can be found in the Student Handbook at
http://www.wesleyan.edu/studenthandbook/. More after the jump.

Guest Post: “An Open Letter to the Wesleyan Community on Our Current Situation”

The following is a guest post by Ross Levin ’15, titled “An Open Letter to the Wesleyan Community on our Current Situation”:

During the fall semester this year, I was not on campus, but whisperings of the efforts to save need-blind admissions still reached me, through Wesleying, through friends, through maverick independent journalist Ben Doernberg ’13. I was enthralled by all the activity and excited at the prospect of joining in the movement upon returning in January. However, in early October I received a startling email. Apparently, I was being fined $50 for writing a few sentences in chalk on the University’s pavement last April. And evidently, without paying the full $50, re-enrolling at Wesleyan University wouldn’t be an option.

So I replied to the email from our Dean of Students, inquiring as to the provenance of the figure of $50. The Dean wrote back promptly, informing me of the fact that ResLife, the office of the Dean of Students, Physical Plant, and all other institutions, organizations, sub-contractors, and autonomous collectives involved in the hefty task of regulating student-committed acts of chalk against pavement, brick, concrete, and otherwise script-conducive surfaces, have at their disposal a “formula.” This formula is precise in its calculations of financial damage done by the chalk. My $50 fine, I was graciously informed, was exactly equal to, no more and no less, the cost of restoring the Wesleyan University campus to its original state, as if I had never carried out that heinous deed.

Process Advisor Training! Last one of the year (probably)!

In case you missed it last semester, there will be one more opportunity TOMORROW to be trained as a process advisor for the student judicial process. Process advisors serve as a resource to guide students through interactions with the Student Judicial Board. Come get trained to serve your fellow students and ensure a fair process!

Email Andrew Trexler ’14 at atrexler(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions you might have.

Date: Feb. 23
Time: 4:15PM
Place: Usdan 108

Sign the Standard of Proof Petition

Ever had a miscommunication with the SJB or felt that you were given an unfair hearing? If so, then you would probably be interested in hearing about what the WSA is working towards. Please read about our effort to raise the Standard of Proof used in our Student Judicial Process and help us achieve this fair standard by signing the petition and telling us about some of the experiences you have had with the SJB.

Over 300 students have already signed the petition and dozens have submitted cases of misrulings, but we need even more if we want change to happen. It only takes a few minutes—get involved and have your voice heard!

[Click here!]

We have been working on this issue since the fall and strongly feel that it would improve our system at Wes. The basic idea behind this is increasing the level of certainty from slight (anywhere over 50%) to substantial (roughly 75% or higher). We feel that in a majority of cases, this is a matter of consistency.

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know! :)

Dina Moussa, ’12 (dmoussa(at)wesleyan(dot)edu)
Teddy Newmyer ’11 (tnewmeyer(at)wesleyan(dot)edu)
Joe O’ Donnell, ’13 (jodonnell(at)wesleyan(dot)edu)