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WeSwap Interest Meeting

Walker Reiss ’17 writes in:

WeSwap is Wesleyan’s newest (and only) food swapping society. Foodswapping is like a potluck where food is brought in set servings (or measurements, for stuff like jam, sauces etc.) Participants swap food with each other at whatever exchange rate they agree on. It’s a great time, and a great way to benefit from the great cooking skills of friends.

Can’t make the meeting, but still want to know more? Contact Emily Schwed (ehschwed[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) or Walker Reiss (wreiss[at]wesleyan[dot]edu).

Date: Thursday, October 2nd
Time: 8-8:45 PM
Place: Exley 137

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Student Groups

Extra points if you can identify this reference.  If you can't, you're getting to get killed, or worse, expelled!

Now that you know how to eat and sleep, and have realized that you have worse hand-eye coordination than a D7 athlete, what else is there to do? Student groups.  Beyond the necessities of living and academics, extracurriculars are fundamental to “the Wesleyan experience” (some might even say they spend more time and effort on extracurriculars than academics).  There are over 300 student groups to pick from, and many of them will be enticing, so choose wisely.

Consider the rule of seven: if you halve your years then add seven, you’ll have the youngest decent age for a partner you should only commit yourself to seven major activities in any given semester.  Each course counts as one, as do many jobs, sports teams, and student groups.  While every commitments requires a different level of time and energy, and every person has different capabilities, this is a good general rule to keep in mind.  Word on the street is that the rule has been spread on campus by Professor Joyce Jacobsen, but that can’t be confirmed.

While officially recognized by the WSA, Wesleyan’s student groups operate with a fair degree of autonomy and all have preferences for how do they choose to advertise themselves. While the diversity of expression might have its benefits, the lack of consistency also makes it difficult to find them.