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“Cheat” Auditions – Senior Thesis Film

From Ameen Beydoun ’11:

A poor high-school student resorts to illegal activity to make enough money to go to college. What did he do? How did he do it?

Omar – Male, 17-19. A highly-intelligent high school student with hope and lots of ambition. Self-conscious but still cool in a slightly nerdy way.

Jonny – Male 17-19. Street smart student. Deals drugs and always finds the easiest way of getting what he wants. Lively, urban, and basically a total G.

Max – Male 17-19. Best friends with Omar. Very nerdy but not too intelligent, despite all his studying.

Prepare a monologue and expect to do a cold reading.

Contact abeydoun(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for questions or conflicts.

Date: Oct. 3 – Oct. 3
Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Fayerweather 106

New Theatre Notice

Ben Bernstein ’10 writes:

Liz Valentin and I are writing and directing a new three person show for next semester. The piece is going to examine the way that musical representation works and doesn’t work compared to dramatic representation, and is going to use a three person cast that will need to act and play their instruments! It’s going to be really fun and camarederous, so email me (bcbernstein@wes) or Liz (fvalentin@wes) if you’re interested and have acting and instrumental experience. Unfortunately, you need to have a mobile instrument, sorry cellists and pianists! We’re hoping for a guitarist, a string player, and a brass or woodwind player!

The show is going to go up at the end of next semester, so let us know if you’re interested now.

Ben wrote and directed Patterns of Inheritance earlier this semester.

Post-Eden opera seeks production staff

Xiaoxi Tu ’09 is writing an opera to be performed in the spring, and she needs production staff:

It’s an Adam and Eve story set in a post-Eden garden in Creation-Museum land. Adam names the animals. Eve un-names the animals. The orchestra is part western classical, part gamelan, part taiko, and part hip-hop. There will be fire. There will be rain. There will be nudity. There will be a giant robotic dinosaur. And if you sign up, there will be cookies. And Love. Lots and lots of Love.

All levels of expertise welcome! If you have experience, great; if not, bring extra enthusiasm.

Xiaoxi needs a stage manager and assistant stage manager, assistant director, costume designer, makeup artist, lighting designer, set designer, sound designer, stage crew, carpenter, and electrician. Email her at xtu@wes if interested.

"Pandra’s Sphere" looking for production crew

Julie Lam ’09 and Mark Procter ’10 kindly asked us to post the following text in full. So I did, after formatting it so it looks pretty:

Hello all,

We are looking for a production crew to join us for our forthcoming hip-hop dance theatre production, called “Pandra’s Sphere.” We’re planning on having the show in the ’92 Theater on one of the weekends in April 2008.

The approx. 45-minute production is primarily comprised of eight individual but linked dances and spoken word. The storyline contains elements from Pandora’s Box, Curious George, West Side Story, and Stomp the Yard. There’s gonna be hip-hop, there’s gonna be breakdancing, and there’s gonna be other crazy stuff, and it will be awesome.

We’re looking for people to fill these positions:

  1. stage manager
  2. lighting designer
  3. lighting board operator
  4. sound board operator
  5. set designer
  6. run crew (2 people)
  7. costume designer (optional)

If you’re interested in working with us, or want more information, contact us at tastetherasa(at)gmail.com and/or mprocter(at)wesleyan.edu. If you know somebody who might be interested, please mention it to them.

If you don’t want to be on crew, but do want to dance; don’t worry. We’ll tell you when it’s audition time.

Introducing Student Podcast

John Cusick ’07 writes in:

I recently started a a podcast on the topic of writing anything from short stories to manifestos. It also features regular clips from the Waterpipe Theater, a radio drama show I do on WESU with Rory Bradley ’07, Andrea Silenzi ’07, Evan Simko-Bednarski ’07, and whole host of other cool people. The podcast is called Sans Serif.

You can listen to Sans Serif here.

Wesleyan 365

Rachel Salowitz ’07 sent us some info about Suzan-Lori Parks’ ambitious goal of writing a play a day for 365 days. Between February 5th through the 11th, Wesleyan will be hosting a week of her plays showcasing the daily life of everyone who calls Middletown home. For a schedule of the week’s events, click here.

In addition to these festivities, the Wesleyan 365 crew will also be hosting a writing competition called Write On to give everyone a taste at their own playwriting.

For more information, check out their website, www.wesleyan365.com.

Gender, etc.

Dan Grassian ’09 needs your help!

I want to create a play that encapsulates the intricacies of gender and its role in the lives of all different types of people at Wesleyan, America, and the world. The thing is, I need YOUR input, your friends’ input, etc. What I want right now is monologues, skits, speeches, dialogs, etc. Anything YOU write or someone you know or vaguely know or has something written will do. And will be greatly appreciated. The play will be addressing many different sides of gender, including its overlap, co-construction, and influence over and from other societal identities, including race, class, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

The image so far:
Think similar to Vagina Monologues. Several ‘actors’ who will read pieces written by Wesleyan students (and likely some others). I plan on everyone looking as androgynous as possible, with hair either pulled back or under hats, etc. Face makeup, androgynous or gender-confusing clothes… The people reading the parts will NOT be trying to play a ‘gender role.’

The only rules:
I do NOT want these pieces to include the words: ‘gender,’ ‘male,’ ‘female,’ ‘feminine,’ ‘masculine,’ ‘he,’ ‘she,’ or ‘sex’ (as in biological, not having sex…) If this confuses you or you have trouble with this, you can e-mail me or you can include these words and we can work with what you have…

Questions? Comments? Submissions? Want to get involved? Contact Dan at dlgrassian(at)wesleyan.edu.