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Ampersand Seeks Social Media Intern

Fluent in French, Spanish, and North American Friendster? Have more friends than Tom on MySpace? The Ampersand is seeking one ambitious social media intern to help manage its online accounts, including its website. More from Piers “Piers” Gelly ’13:

Do you know your way around social media? Are you of the humorous persuasion?

The Ampersand is currently looking for an enterprising individual who will take the reins of the hotheaded stallion that is our online presence. This is a position that will allow you to rapidly climb the editorial ranks of the Ampersand: past social media interns of the Ampersand include both campus personality Daniel Nass ’13 and Piers Gelly ’13, editor emeritus, gentleman, and scholar.

This internship is currently unpaid, but you will become a member of the Ampersand family, a privilege that no amount of any valid currency can buy.

A Very Wesleying Recrootment

Interested in auditioning for Wesleying, Wesleyan’s “sassiest and most WordPress-savvy online singing group”? Scroll on, dear one. Our blog could be your life.

Hey, readers. Wesleying’s pretty low-staffed lately (BZOD is abroad, and frostedmoose has floated on into the great abyss), and to make matters worse, a whole bunch of us are graduating this coming May. So it goes. Wesleying underwent a pretty wild generational shift back in 2010, when Sheek exited and handed over the reigns, and as it finishes up its seventh academic year, it’s going to have to weather another one in 2013. That’s where you step in.

We bloggers exited the WiFi confines of our cyberspace existence yesterday to get some sunlight and schmooze in flesh-and-blood form at the Student Activities Fair. Frankly, it was pretty weird. People don’t really think of Wesleying as a group of humans, as normal students—we’re just a thing that’s out there, online. And it turns out there are a lot of freshmen reading. One girl bragged that Wesleying is pretty much why she applied ED. Another declared, “I’ve been reading this blog for so long, and I’m only a freshman!” Another claimed to have read every Wesleying post, which is pretty impressive, considering there are over 11,000. We’ll be materializing again tomorrow, and here’s your chance to keep the blog alive.

There’s a whole lot of text below the jump, so here’s the short of it: Wesleying is recruiting. We’ll be having a formal recruitment meeting tomorrow, September 16, at 2:30 pm in Usdan 110. We’re looking for bloggers, journalists, writers, photographers, interviewers, social media types (run our Twitter!), homespun Wes historians, videographers, internet addicts, photoshop fiends, and web design wizards—whatever. Frosh especially welcome. If you love Wesleying and want to help make it the weird, irreverent, and colorful media space it has become—or if you just like blogging in your underwear—please stop by. In the immortal words of The Great Sheek, “All you need is Internet access, the ability to string sentences together coherently, and an interest in life at Wesleyan as it is, was, and might be.”

NUAGE: Your chance to be, like, a big deal or something

Been doing a little bit of thinkin’ this summer? Need to share it with the world? Not friends with anyone who runs The New Inquiry? You should probably befriend Annie Choi ’14:

This is a call to those at home that have some free time this summer to contribute to an emerging philosophy magazine—NUAGE.

This is a new philosophically informed magazine/blog meant to showcase and produce pieces that are thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating while still being entertaining (no small feat, but c’mon Wes, pull it off).  Art, music, pop culture, your own life—all are open topics and welcome for submission.  Think à la David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster.  Explore what interests you, and if you delve deeper than the superficial, that’s perfect!

If you have any free time to jot a few lines about a painting or find yourself interested in a social analysis of a TV show you’ve been watching non-stop this summer, please contribute!  The submissions have no length requirement.  If you find yourself mulling over a topic in your head, write it down and send it to nuagemagazine[a]gmail[d]com.   Spread the word to your friends—this is by no means a Wesleyan exclusive publication.

Hermes Seeks Submissions (Again)

The Hermes magazine is looking for prose, poems, images and short personal stories. This writing should pertain to problems of “racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transophobia, and unrecognized privilege at Wesleyan.” Virgil Taylor ’15 writes:

The Hermes is calling for short submissions responding to problems of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and unrecognized privilege at Wesleyan. The impetus for this focus is in response to the sign posted in Usdan after the Holi festival last Friday.

Hermes is also calling for submissions now because it is the time to act and to respond to the Wesleyan administrations’ longstanding lack of progress in addressing our campus’s problems.

This topic is important & difficult, the collective encourages everyone who feels something say something. To speak out is powerful and speaking together can be even more powerful.

Contact: wesleyanhermes(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: Monday, May 7, at high noon

SBC Funds Publications; Talks About Problems and Feelings

Here’s something of a nice end to an otherwise thoroughly frustrating story.

Back in mid-April, we found out through the Argus (and through the mass verbalization of concerned parties, probably) that the SBC prematurely ran out of funds for the semester—by late March/early April, it seems. This meant that student publications (and whatever student groups had operations late in the semester) were completely denied funding through almost no fault of their own. As the Argus article reported,

Members of publications cited the fact that the SBC requires groups to specify exact amounts when applying for funding, while the exact amounts of money that publications will need will remain uncertain until the end of the semester.

Flash forward to today, and the SBC seems to have managed to come up with the cash late in the fourth quarter to give student publications the funding they need. They did this through  a “reassumption” process—which basically involves pressing student groups who have received funding earlier in the semester to cough up leftover cash. (The SBC was able to reclaim about $4,000, which to me is somewhat unsurprising, as it’s pretty well-known that excessive funding requests—and other forms of corruption—is fairly prevalent in the SBC-student group interaction. See relevant awkward bits in the WSA Prez Debate.)

As one would expect, the SBC came out of this entire episode pinned beneath a dense hail of criticism. (But then again, they’re always under fire). In response to this, Cameron Couch ’13, the SBC chair, posted an open letter on the WSA website to publicly acknowledge the criticism, clarify the narrative of the problem, and suggest in which areas improvement can be cultivated. Choice morsels and key points after the jump.

Call for submissions to “Home”!


Aditi Kini ’12 wants you to submit to your parents Home, a new magazine

Have you ever been abroad? Have your conceptions of “home” ever been challenged or formed by contact with foreign cultures? Are you an international student? Are you a world-traveler?

“Home,” a new online magazine at Wes, is coming out with its first issue before the semester ends. We’re looking for any

  • artwork
  • photography
  • poetry
  • fiction, and
  • nonfiction

that addresses the concerns of “Home.” Our theme: across cultures.

Submit by noon, this May 3rd to wesleyanhome[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you would like to be involved in the publishing process, let us know as well!


Submit to the Wesleyan Hermes by 3 PM (if you’ve got THE GUTZ)! Email wesleyanhermes(yurt)gmail(durt)com with your best shot! If you can’t do it by 3 PM, submit anyway – you’ll simply be considered for a later issue than the WesFest edition coming *~this weekend~*!

(You may have noticed this post is tagged “” and “things for your prefrosh to do“. That’s not an accident. Hint hint, You ’16.)

Hangman’s Lime Seeks Cover Submissions

Corey Dethier ’12 sends in word about an opportunity for photographers on campus? Wait, am I allowed to call him Corey “Big Bird” Dethier ’12 or is that just frostedmoose‘s thing?

Take black and white photos? Want them to be featured on the cover of a poetry magazine? Hangman’s Lime (Wesleyan’s oldest all-poetry magazine) is looking for a black and white picture to use for its cover.

Photos should probably not be close-ups of a person; otherwise, most things will be considered. Please send submissions tohangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com in the next week.

Due date: Next week
Contact: hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com

Tip to Hangman’s Lime: check out Black and WTF when you get the chance. It’s really something.

frostedmoose [8.24pm] – It’s a frostedmoose thing. Also, it’s Corey “I’ve Been a Copy-Editor, like, forever” Dethier ’12.

Synthesis has extended its deadline for submissions!

Le blurb de le Coach de Cameroon ’13:

Synthesis is Wesleyan’s Undergraduate Journal of Science & Art. The focus of this semester’s issue is neuroscience and the ways multiple disciplines interact within the field. We are looking for any art, literature, or research related to neuroscience. Send your submissions to ccouch(at)wesleyan(dot)edu before this Wednesday, April 4th!

Submit Yr Neuroscience to Synthesis

Stephan Stansfield ’13 and his reptile friend desperately want you to submit to Synthesis, Wesleyan’s Undergraduate Journal of Science & Art, by this Friday. Look at that face. Can you say no to that face? More from Stansfield:

Synthesis is Wesleyan’s Undergraduate Journal of Science & Art. The focus of this semester’s issue is neuroscience and the ways multiple disciplines interact within the field. We are looking for any art, literature, or research related to neuroscience. Send your submissions to ccouch(at)wesleyan(dot)edu before this Friday, March 9th!

Due date: Friday, March 9
Contact: ccouch(at)wesleyan(dot)edu