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English Department Open Mic Ft. Elizabeth Willis


From the world famous English Major’s Committee:

We are excited to invite you to our first open mic night of the year! The open mic is a time for anyone to get up and share their work (poem, stories, plays, etc) with an audience of their peers (and perhaps faculty).  All you have to do is sign up is write your name in a 5 minute slot in the google doc I have attached below or come a few minutes early to the event. This semester’s open mic will be this Friday, October 4 at 7 pm in Downey House Lounge.

We are also honored to announce that Professor Elizabeth Willis will be out headliner! She will start the night by reading her own poetry. And for those of you who are not familiar with her award winning work, get excited by reading  a few of her poems here and here.

Come join us for a wonderful evening of coffee, cookies, and student work. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other passionate writers and lovers of writing. Bring your friends!

Click me! I’m a link to the sign-up google doc!

Date: Friday, October 4
Time: 7 – 9 p.m.
Place: Downey House Lounge

Glenn Stowell and Joshua Krugman read out loud: any kind of poem

I have no words – G.S. ’13 and J.K. ’14 took them all:

Glenn Stowell and Joshua Krugman read out loud: any kind of poem
Broad Street Books (45 Broad St.)
Monday, Dec. 12, 2011


Glenn Stowell, a ruckus of consonants and sincerity, a wizard on the ice and father of three, faster increase in rhymes per capita during the previous quarter than any other preindustrial country, reads from his forthcoming collection, makes poetry recognizable again to the american worker while simultaneously satiating the jaded literated gargoyles of the neoliberal academy with plenty of subtle formal play. Poems pick themselves up and look sharp when he enters the room. “A phenomenon!” – Automotive Unlimited

Joshua Krugman, born in marble/gilt elevator of the post-structuralist bourgeois ziggurat became boorish bard of remaining woodlot, yes bernsteinian banter and more susurrusses than ezra pound’s middle period, spits sizzling images farther than a llama in a watermellon seed contest, reads poems of webernian length and agitation, only his sleeve is up his sleeve. “One of the most exciting new pliers under the hood of the american fishing reel!” – Emmanuel Kant

“A Literary Extravaganza at the COL Lounge”

A. C. Wilkinson ’13, not to be confused with A. Wilkinson or Alix Wilkinson or, god forbid, Al Wilkinson, writes in about a veritable literary extravaganza happening this (Friday) afternoon in the COL Lounge: a public reading by the students of COL213, “The Suspense Story.” There Will Be Food (supposedly of the flat, disc-shaped variety), and there will be a spirited audience, because these COL(d) Warriors aren’t about to read eerie suspense fiction to a dreary, desolate room, devoid of humanity:

Come listen to your peers read their latest works of fiction! There will be spellbinding Hithcockian plots, incredible plot twists, and intense mood writing about anything you could possibly imagine: dog coffins, devilish song birds, fatal lotteries, reclusive astronomers in the Siberian wilderness, and much more. And there’s free pizza too!

If the poster’s any hint, it’s going to be a straight-up Snapetastical time, too.
Date: Friday, December 2
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: COL Lounge (in Butt C)
Pizza: Freeza