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Espwesso Opens Tonight – 9 PM to 1 AM!


The esteemed coffee artist/guru Sam Sikder ’14 has some pretty exciting news for all you folks who are planning to spend all day outside and all night doing work:

HAVE NO FEAR. Espwesso will be open beginning next week on Sunday, Sept. 8th.

Espwesso is Wesleyan’s student-run late night cafe, serving FREE locally roasted drip coffee if you bring your OWN mug/cup/drinking bowl. Espresso drinks and tea are available for not nearly as much as Pi! Find us in the basement of Allbritton from Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM.

Come for the coffee, stay for the cozy.

Date: Sunday, September 8
Time: 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Place: Espwesso – Basement of Allbritton

Espwesso is looking for student events!

From everyone’s favorite student-run café:

Espwesso looking to host student events this semester! Our cafe space offers a cozy environment for art exhibitions, workshops, coffeehouses, poetry slams, musical
performances and any other programs you can think of. Espwesso is a warm environment (much more intimate than Zelnick) and has the best specialty drinks on campus. If your group is interested, please get in touch with Charmaine Chen (Espwesso’s events manager cxchen(at)wesleyan(dot)edu).

Espwesso Pweview Night!

Espwesso, the student-wun wate night café we’ve aww been asking “when does it open?” about, hosted a pweview event of soahts tonight. Fwom nine to midnight, fwee dwip coffee was sewved awong wiff uva dwinks avaiwabuh as a cash puh-chest. If dat consunned anyone, wewax–when it officiawwy opens tomowwow night, theah shoud be a cahd weeduh to accept points. Da cozy space is in the basement of Awbwitton, dat biewding acwoss the stweet fwom Shankwin and in between 200 Chuch and Owin, cubside. Expect moah detayuhs in a fuschia post (pwobabwy an Ahgus wink, because I’m quite wazy).

Moah gwainy ceww phone photogwaphy aftuh the jump–kwik on to see the space, the attendees, and the ahtwuhk in the backgwound.

Wesleyan Student Run Cafe Needs You!


From Alex Bernson ’11:

The Wesleyan Student Cafe is going be opening be open for your late night study-fuel needs starting in late September. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Help us come up with aname! There will be a poll once school starts, so help us brainstorm options now. Some ideas we’ve come up with: “The Red Bird”, “Red Eye Cafe”, “Cardinal’s Habit” and “Cardinal’s Cup”.
  2. Work for us! If you are work-study, apply at: http://www.wesleyan.edu/finaid/employment/ay_jobs/WSA/12105.html
  3. Volunteer on the cafe committee. You’ll get to help with advertising, community events and creating a community space . Email Alex Bernson ’11 (abernson(at)wesleyan(dot)com) if you’re interested.

Send Questions or comments to Alex Bernson ’11 abernson(at)wesleyan(dot)com or the WSA wsa(at)wesleyan(dot)com.