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Smiley Face Movie Screening at WestCo Courtyard

Bobby Burvant ’13 invites you to celebrate the last day of classes in style–with Students for Sensible Drug Policy:

Smiley Face is a movie about Jane F. (Ana Farris), whose normal day is disrupted by accidentally eating a plate of cannabis cupcakes, making all the activities she needed to do that day extremely difficult. Join Students for Sensible Drug Policy for our celebration of last day of classes. Come see this hilarious stoner movie, one of the few to star a woman, outdoors on the big screen in the WestCo Courtyard! Movie also stars John Krasinski, Adam Brody and Danny Masterson.

Date: Tomorrow, May 4
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Place: WestCo Courtyard
Cost: —-

“Waiting to Inhale” Film Screening, feat. Mark Braunstein

From Bobby Burvant ’13:

Students for Sensible Drug Policy presents: Waiting to Inhale, with guest speaker Mark Braunstein. This documentary examines the heated debate over marijuana and its medical usage in America. It tells the stories of people from all sides of this very personal issue, from patients whose lives have been made bearable only by medical marijuana to parents who lost their children to a drug addiction. “Waiting to Inhale” is a sound presentation of the medical facts about marijuana, the arguments for and against medical marijuana, and its legal history in the United States.

Our guest speaker Mark Braunstein became a paraplegic from a diving accident in 1990, and uses marijuana to treat the spasms and pains of spinal cord injury. His use of marijuana is medicinal for below the waist, and recreational for above. Since 1997, he has served as Connecticut’s poster child for medicinal marijuana. He has publicly confessed his “crimes” many times, including three weeks ago to the Judiciary Committee. He works at Connecticut College as a print curator and art librarian, professions notorious for harboring dangerous criminals.

Date:   Wednesday, April 6
Time:   7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Shanklin 107

The Truth of the US “War on Drugs” and Latin American Cartel Violence

A presentation by Larry Talley, former Navy Officer and speaker with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, on his first ever speaking tour.

Larry Talley was a Navy officer for 20 years, and was stationed in Panama for five of them. While in Central America, he routinely worked in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to counter the efforts of drug cartel’s throughout Latin America. Larry was personally involved with many raids on cartel operations and drug production facilities, and witnessed firsthand the devastating violence and destruction caused by the illegal drug market. Thousands of cartel-related murders are taking place across the region annually, contributing to ecological destruction, mass migration, and cultural degradation. It is estimated that up to 70% of all funding for the drug cartels can be linked to marijuana sales within the United States alone. Larry will testify to these horrible crimes, and make the case for what he believes will fix drug related violence, both inside the U.S. and around the globe: the full legalization and regulation of all drugs.

Join Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Ajua Campos for a groundbreaking dialogue about U.S. drug policy, and it’s effect on the rest of the Americas. If we hope to address the cycles of violence throughout the Americas, we cannot do so without talking about ending the “War on Drugs.”

Please join us! Free food will be provided, all are welcome to attend! Check out the facebook event here.

Date: Tuesday, April 6th
Time: 5:30 PM- 6:45PM
Location: PAC 001

CT Speaks: End the War on Drugs!

Sure The Jersey Shore made more waves than NJ recently passing ish on medical MJ, but what’s happening in CT?  Paul Blasenheim ’12 scribes:

“Please join Wesleyan Students for Sensible Drug Policy (WesSSDP) for a panel discussion with leading Connecticut drug policy reform advocates to examine the current state of drug policy reform in CT. If you would like to know how to actively and productively engage in efforts for sensible and compassionate drug policy reform as a student, please come to this meeting! This will serve as a launching point for Wesleyan’s SSDP Chapter to begin statewide outreach and organizing to change CT drug laws. All are welcome, and those who are new to the issue of the War on Drugs are encouraged to attend!”

Date: THIS TUESDAY — February 9
Time: 7 – 8:15 in the P.M.
Place: Woodhead Lounge (Exley Science Center, Room 184)

Students for Sensible Drug Policy: First Meeting!

Paul Blasenheim ’12 writes:

Do you think marijuana laws are harmful and outdated? Do you find our current justice and prison systems to be inherently racist and prejudicial? Do you believe rehabilitation is more useful than imprisonment? Yes? Then let’s do something about it!

Come to the first ever meeting of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Wesleyan Chapter!  We will discuss how best the Wesleyan community can join the movement for real drug policy reform, and what work we can do right here in Middletown to create a healthy, positive change in our community.

Date: Nov. 16
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Usdan Room 110