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Memory and Event Recollection Study (with $10 Compensation)


Zach Dravis ’15 and the memory and event recollection study team lets you know how to earn $10 without getting out of bed:

Interested in earning $10 while taking part in an enjoyable memory study? We are inviting you to participate in a 2-part memory and event recollection study that takes less than an hour total and is completely online! Fill out the participation form now to receive further instructions about the study! Our research team will verify your eligibility so you can proceed with the study.

Date: Now!
Time: Now!
Place: Online!
Cost: Negative $10!

SciLi Gets “Quiet Study Lounge,” Emergency Exit Access

The new SciLi entrance will blow your mind.

Following on approximately 157 years (rough estimate) of complaints by generations upon generations of Wesleyan students, you can now get to SciLi from Church Street without having to loop all the way around the stupid Exley lobby. (Edited correction: you can get to the 24-hour study room, not SciLi itself.) Instead, thanks to the year-long efforts of WSA big dogs Austin Dong ’15 and Zachary Malter ’13, you can just waltz through the SciLi Emergency Exit with Wescard access, where you’ll find yourself in a brand new “24/7 Quiet Study Lounge” that will remain in place throughout next semester. (Okay, the lounge isn’t actually new at all; it just has a new name and 24/7 accessibility.)

We posted the news on Facebook, where it quickly garnered 29 likes, as well as an official explanation from WSA President Zachary Malter ’13:

This was the product of a WSA initiative to get a 24 hour study space. We will do an official launch in January.

I asked Malter if the room will remain the same after finals week. “The room will remain in place for all of next semester and beyond,” he told Wesleying.

Reasoning and Decision Making Study Seeks Participants

Betsy Tammaro ’13 has taken a break from watching feminist documentries to write:

Interested in getting paid to think? Reasoning and decisionmaking studies are looking for student participants!

Studies involve doing computer tasks in the Patalano lab in Judd 401

Compensation is $10/session for two ~75 minute sessions.

Contact Betsy Tammaro at etammaro(at)wes to schedule a session after Thanksgiving Break.

Cognitive Development Lab Wants You to Participate in a Study About Numerical Estimation!

The Cognitive Development Lab is currently looking for Wesleyan students who want to earn money playing a number game.

Participants will play a number-line game on a computer for roughly one hour. Each participant will receive $8 for participating, with an opportunity to receive an additional $2 reward (contingent upon performance).

If you’re interested, email Lab Coordinator Jennifer Garcia ’10: JGarcia02_at_wes.