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Exam Preparation Workshop TONIGHT

Midterms are over, and no matter how you did, everyone can learn how to study more efficiently.  Come to a workshop on exam preparation in Woodhead Lounge tonight (11/08/09) at 7pm.  The Peer Advisors will work on breaking down the rest of the semester to prepare for any exams for the rest of the semester and finals, as well as practice test-taking for different exam formats.

WHEN: Nov. 8th, 7pm
WHERE: Woodhead Lounge

Study Aid: Definr

Although the misspelled name of this self-described “incredibly fast dictionary” is a Web 2.0 cliché, I have still found definr to be useful when I encounter an unfamiliar word while researching for and writing papers–which is what I am putting off in order to write this post.

The fact that there are some great “Study Aids” links in the Wesleying sidebar justifies my keeping the blog open, despite it being a temptation to procrastinate. But I wonder if there aren’t some other links to study aids that any of you use which aren’t linked from Wesleying.

Consider this an invitation to share your helpful links in the comments section.


Maria Pia “Imma Cutchoo” Gekas ’09 sent me this link like months ago and I forgot about it. But in the midst of writing a massive research paper I have again remembered it.

Ottobib.com allows you to plug in the ISBN of a book and it’ll spit out the citation. It doesn’t work for all books and sometimes has errors, but it’s useful.

Also, I recommend Easybib. That’s fun, too.

Happy finals.


It’s a little late for this now, but Notemesh looks like a promising student resource:

There are plenty of notes services out there; NoteMesh is a different way of thinking about your notes. Collaborate with your classmates to create a unified set of notes for your class. It’s like Wikipedia for your notes.

Great for those of you who just sit in the back row typing on your laptops (EVERYONE in Sensation & Perception: I’m looking at you!). The site’s slogan is “collaborate to graduate,” and I think it has great potential– Especially for lectures.