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If You’re Studying Abroad This Fall, We Want Your Abrog


Hey you. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You’re in a foreign land, immersing yourself in a new place and learning about super rad cultures legally buying alcohol as a twenty-year-old. And we want to know about it. Besides that, we just really miss you, and we know you miss bragging to us about how cool your life is. So basically–send us your study-abroad blogs abrogs right now. We’ll show you off and make sure the entire Wesleyan community jealous of you.

If you’re documenting your abroad experiences on a blog of any kind (i.e. WordPress, Blogspot, Twitter, Tumblr, Flicker, Instagram), we want to know about it. Fill our inbox (staff[at]wesleying[dot]org) with links to your blog and we’ll showcase you on Wesleying! Make sure the subject of your email is “ABROAD BLOG,” and don’t forget to write a bit about what you’re doing this fall. You rock!

College of Letters Open House


From Christina Norris ’14:

Interested in philosophy? History? Literature? Foreign language? Studying abroad? Creative writing? Formal writing? Classics? Modern theory?

Can’t decide?

Hey freshmen, come check out College of Letters.

Date: Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
Time: 4:15 PM
Place: COL library (41 Wyllys, 3rd floor)
Cost: freeeee

More On The Wesleyan BlogRoll . . .

Last month we posted about Dave Wolovsky ’10‘s new blog about teaching English in Thailand. Here are two more new student-run blogs worth checking out:

—- My Passport Is Made Of Jam: Nicholas Quah Wenpin ’12, whose writing is filled with compelling descriptions, sharp dialogue, and well-placed humor, discusses studying abroad in Denmark, “and shiz in general.” Don’t miss his three-parter regarding a detour to Kosovo. His blog “Aboot” page reads:

I’m a junior at Wesleyan University, CT currently studying abroad in Denmark, thus the recurring Denmark-ey theme in this here blog. I’m actually from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which makes me being on this American-centric DIS program a little more curious. I’m skinny, nondescript, and relatively harmless (unless if found without caffeine).

—- Wesleyan Interfaith Justice League: Obviously breaking from the “Wes person goes abroad, decides to write about it” theme, this is a new blog for the Interfaith Justice League (who recently brought you the Fast-A-Thon). Carmen Yip ’12 writes: