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Late Night Study Spaces during Reading Period and Finals


Courtesy of Aobo “Austin” Dong ’15

Hate library hours during Reading Period and Finals? Maybe the 24-Hour Study Lounge is not enough for surviving the “Hunger” Games at Wes?

Come to Exley at night to enjoy quiet study sessions at the following classrooms located on the first floor:

ESC 109, ESC 113, ESC 121, ESC 137, ESC 139, ESC 141

They will be open from 11:00pm to 7:00am every night starting Saturday, December 7th all the way to the end of finals week. Hint: Seats ran out fast last semester! Come early to claim your rightful spot with enough snacks and drinks to survive the night. May the odds be ever in your favor!

(This event is a student initiative confirmed by University Events & Scheduling)

Dates: All this week
Time: 11 PM – 7 AM
Place: Exley
Cost: $0.00

Take the WSA’s Library Noise Level Survey


From Kate “Leading the Pack” Cullen ’16:

Are the Wesleyan libraries too loud? WSA’s Student Affairs Committee is working with the library staff and the Academic Affairs Committee to conduct a survey on noise level in the libraries in response to an influx in student complaints. If you haven’t already, please fill out our survey on library noise levels here!

Deadline: Sometime soon

Spotted: Finals Fairies on the Loose

You may see them flitting around, spreading candy and good cheer. They are a few decked out fairies, in tutus, bunny ears, glitter, and beads. Catch them fast, because they only stay for a second. They seem to come visit libraries and various study nooks. They just might make you smile. And mostly, even though the stress is mounting, the blank page is still blinking, and the end won’t ever come—it will. (And you could even get a visit from a finals fairy!)

Wesleying’s Goatmilk grabbed some photos of the Finals Fairies as they made their way through Olin’s silent fourth floor (thesis carrel central) an hour or two ago:

[nggallery id=244]

Photos: Primal Scream, Open Mouths

“Rando” from the Shoutbox writes in:

primal scream photos ?

Sure, I thought you’d never ask. Below: a few choice snapshots from Wesleyan’s biannual Primal Scream, which hit the Olin steps at midnight on Monday. Send your own pics to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Above: a brief video clip from the start of the scream. Also worth noting: click through to Wesleying’s YouTube channel to find a few brief video clips from Indoor Spring Fling 2012. Don’t be surprised if they’re dark and poorly lit, much like finals week.

[nggallery id=143]

Five Totally Underrated Weshop Treasures

It’s midterm season. Procrastination’s at an all-time high. The Olin Candy Fairy’s nowhere to be found. You’re holed up in Olin for hours and hours on end. Maybe SciLi, if you’re into that.

Your only solace? Weshop runs. Stalking the cheese fridge. Defacing the suggestion board. Rumbling through the candy bins. Seeking nutrients, fuel, nourishment, control.

We at Wesleying are not above procrastination. That’s why I’ve compiled a brief list of some recommended Weshop items that never get the recognition they deserve, perfect for midterm-cramming-nourishment. Ch-ch-check it out.