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Get Dunzo Tomorrow on Non-Alchy Drinks!

Who:Sub-Free Hall and Psi Upsilon
What: Good times, mocktails, fun had by all.
When:Tomorrow Thursday, October 18th at 3pm-5pm (come for as much or as little as you like!)
Where:Psi Upsilon

Come kickit with Sub-Free Hall and Psi Upsilon for a happy hour with lots of mocktails and good conversation about responsible drinking. Great study break!

Paprika screening

Wesabi, Wesleyan’s anime club, is screening Paprika this Friday! Check out the badass trailer:

You can also download the song for free here.

Friday, October 5th,
Time: 10pm
Venue: SCIE 121
Cost: Free!

Do Yourself a Favor: Go To The Filmseries on Wednesday

What: A Totally Sweet Movie about A Totally Awful Place
When: 30 minutes too early, Wednesday Evening. (7:30pm)
Where: Where it always is.
Piece of stolen wit that made this worth posting:We bring you one final exercise in pessimism: “Chinatown“, Roman Polanski’s consummate film noir (and crucial quasi-prequel to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?“). The shameless corruption and flagrant dehumanization on display in this picture rival only the construction and operation of the Usdan University Center in its scope and intensity. I don’t have anything novel to say about this film—it’s just perfect, and you should see it as many times as you can (especially on a big screen). It will reaffirm your belief that movies can whisk us away to an absorbing fictional world and at the same time harshly reflect the realities of our own historical condition.” –Melissa Tuckman ’08 [from argus]

Lecture on InterdepenDance+Societal Implications

Title:A Declaration of Interdependence
When:Friday, October 5th. 4:30PM
Where:Russell House
Blurb:“Author Ethan Nichtern will lead a discussion about the truth of interdependence as the most pressing issue facing society in the 21st
century. In Ethan’s new book, One City: A Declaration of Interdependence, this truth is framed around contemporary cultural and political issues and set vividly against the backdrop of living with awareness and compassion in an urban landscape.”

DRAGON screenings

The Magistrates of the Devensive arts Recognition And Glamorization Organization for Non-practicers (DRAGON) would like to invite you to join their club!

DRAGON holds weekly screenings of martial arts films, from samurai to muay thai and all that comes between. Interested parties can email dragon.wes@gmail.com.

This Tuesday the film is Zatoichi’s Flashing Sword, starring Shintaro Katsu as the Blind Swordsman whose mysterious cane sword kills with more preciseness than any gun. All are welcome!

Date: Tuesday, October 2nd
Time: 9:15pm
Venue: Film Hall

Sign Language Conversation Hour!

Want improve your Sign Language? Want to learn how to sign in general? Hellz, want to communicate with your friends without saying a word?

Come to Sign House’s Sign Language Hour! It happens from noon to 1pm every Wednesday at Sign House. This week, we’re going over sport signs. Every week is a different category.

All levels are welcome!

Venue: Sign House (64 Lawn)
Time: noon-1pm
Date: every Wednesday


Here’s the deal:

Think you’re a bigshot cookie baker? Then prove it at the UCAB “Cookie Bake Off!” The idea for the Bake Off is that each participant will bake and bring their cookies to the Usdan Cafe on Thursday (10/4). Each participant will compete against the other bakers and taste testers will decide whose cookies reign supreme! The winners will get prizes (really good prizes)! Sign ups will be held Monday (10/1) and Tuesday (10/2) during lunch and dinner at Usdan. You can also sign up by emailing ucabevents@wesleyan.edu.

Date: Thursday, 10/4
Time: 9:00 pm
Venue: Gregory Family Cafe, Usdan Center for Global Domination

The 1st Annual Great Wesleyan Caper

Jesse Bordwin ’10 thinks you don’t have enough to do besides midterms. Or that you don’t have enough fun. Something to that effect. To solve this problem, Jesse has create the 1st Annual Great Wesleyan Caper. What in the Usdan is this, you ask? According to the Caper website (thegreatwesleyancaper.weebly.com):

“One way to describe the GWC is as a giant scavenger hunt murder mystery extravaganza. It’s very involved, and those who are playing will be forced to use their skills to follow a long trail of clues to solve the kidnapping. It will take days, weeks even, to get to the bottom of the mystery.

What kidnapping? What mystery?
You haven’t heard? Oh, it’s terrible! Last night, somewhere between the hours of 2:00 am and 4:00 am, my roommate Gabriel Fries was abducted. I was fast asleep and only when I woke up to go to class did I discover the blood on the sheets that was the only trace of my poor friend. That and the one clue we have that might set us on the trail to his recovery. I loved Gabe dearly, and I’d like to have him back. And that’s why I’m putting you, the best minds of Wesleyan University, on the case. And oh yes! There’s a nice reward involved.

…There will be a trail of 40 clues that will lead to the location of Gabe’s whereabouts. Along the way, you will figure out who took him and why. The first person/team to get to the last clue will save Gabe Fries, and win the jackpot…Once everyone is registered, I will give each team Clue #1 as the first step to solving the 1st Annual Great Wesleyan Caper, on Wednesday, October the 17th, the first day of classes after Fall Break. From there on out, it is an all-out race to be the first team to reach the final clue.”

Just think of it as Humans vs. Humans– all the campus craziness, with no zombie carnage (bummer, right?). Of course, there are plenty of other rules/regulations/guidelines that will help to make this crazy idea into a reality. So if you’re interested, visit the website to read up and register. Happy hunting!

EDIT: Re: Anonymous Comments– A disclaimer on the site notes, “[D]on’t be surprised if you see the real Gabe Fries walking around Campus, going to class, or making films… he was just generous enough to lend his person to the Caper, and if you see him around, it doesn’t mean you’ve solved the mystery.”

Sukkah Decoration and Pizza Party

Join the Jewish Community in decorating the Sukkah outside Olin…and then eating pizza in it!

What is a Sukkah, you ask? Come and find out! (or click the link…but still come…)

Date: Wednesday, September 26th
Time: 4-7pm
Venue: Outside Olin