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“Beyond Apologies and Melodramas”: Susan Reverby on Public Health, STDs, Guatemala (++)

Ally “WAAAAAAA” Wang ’12 slaps me on Gchat to let me know about this pretty awesome talk that’s going on today. It features Susan Reverby, Marion Butler McLean Professor in the History of Ideas and Professor of Women’s and Gender studies (Wellesley College), and it’s about something that conspiracy theorists would just die for. The blurb is as follows:

In October 2010, President Obama apologized to the Guatemalan government for US-sponsored medical studies during the 1940s in which men and women were infected with syphilis. The Obama administration learned of the studies from historian Susan Reverby, who noticed the records of the vast postwar medical-infection program in a history archive. A remarkable cascade of events followed her revelation.

Like most things, I hope this gets a film adaptation. Starring Meryl Streep or Tilda Swinton as Reverby. With location filming at Wesleyan to stand in for Wellesley. BOOYA.

Date: Today!
Time: 4:15-5.30 PM
Place: Rm 112, Squash Courts Building, aka 41 Wyllys, aka “the old construction site”