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Submit to Reverberations Mag

Sage Marshall ’19 writes in:

Reverberations Mag is a two-year-old online publication for young people to respond to art in a personal manner. We’re based out of Wes and publish students/young writers from all of the country. We especially encourage members of the greater Middletown community to submit their work.

We publish 3 types of pieces, which you can learn more about in our submission guidelines: Reverberationsmag.com/submit. If you’d like to write for us, we are looking for staff writers. This entails writing for us once per month—which is really quite manageable as our “Fresh Thoughts” are only 200-500 words in length. If you are interested in this position, simply submit one piece in the next 2 weeks and let us know you’d like to be a staff writer. If you don’t have the time to become one of our staff writers, we welcome irregular submissions as well. Respond to the art in your life!

Email us with submissions or questions/concerns at reverberationsmag[at]gmail[dot]com

Date: Saturday, October 20
Time: 12:00 AM
Place: Submit to reverberationsmag[at]gmail[dot]com

iPhone Film Festival

From Jose Luis ’18:

As part of our mission to facilitate student filmmaking of all levels on campus, we will be asking participants to shoot and edit films all within a 48 hour time period using only their smartphones as cameras. Filmmakers will work individually or in teams to shoot, edit, and submit their films. There will be a landing page and a Usdan table where people will be able to submit.

Date: Friday, October 12th to Sunday, October 18
Time: 4:30pm
Place: Usdan tables


Cameraphone: An Exhibition of Mobile Photography

From Albert Tholen ’15:

Calling all photographers and visual artists—even if you haven’t thought of yourself as one until now! The Arts Collective is curating an exhibition of photos that rarely escape our screens into the material world.

All submissions must have been captured and processed, or created, on a mobile phone. Individual photos, as well as series, will be considered so submit as many or as few photographs as you’d like.

The exhibition will take place on the afternoon of May 10th in Eclectic and will be accompanied by music, refreshments, and millennial optimism.

Please send submissions and direct any questions to atholen@wes. Submission are due May 4th.

A Call For Poetry Submissions

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.47.38 AMDo you consider yourself the Dylan Thomas of our generation? If so, Kate “Not Me” Malczewski ’15 and Wesleyan’s all-poetry magazine, the Hangman’s Lime wants your poetry. A “Do Not Go Gentle” joke would be too gratuitous here, right?

The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s oldest and only all-poetry magazine, wants your poems! If you want to send us some poetry lovin’, submit no more than five poems to hangmanslime[at]gmail[dot]com by January 23. All submissions are read anonymously. Don’t miss this chance to share your poetry with the world (aka the Wesleyan bubble)!
Start Date: Now (November 13)
Due Date: January 23rd

Propose Your Plan to the Green Fund


Brent Packer ’15 wants to give you fundz:

The Green Fund is flush with ca$hmoneyz and is eager to give you a bushel for your campus project.

Submit (link here) your clearly defined idea that will advance Wesleyan’s commitment to sustainability & conservation by Friday, November 15th. Feel free to reach out to any of the committee members with questions or suggestions. We’re quite charming.

When: October 15th – November 15th
How: Submit through online form
Contact: bpacker[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Submit to SWERVE(D)

Do you consider yourself an artist? A haphazard doodler? A sculptor the likes of which the world has never seen?

While Swerve(d) (or, Swerved) is always looking for artistic submissions of all kinds (submit! submit! submit!), they are currently accepting 2D and 3D submissions for our upcoming show in the Usdan display cases, which will be up March 26th-April 15th.

Additionally, they will be accepting aurally-oriented submissions for a mixtape to be produced later on this semester.

You can email work to hello(at)swerved(dot)org or emailswerved(at)gmail(dot)com; the deadline to submit for either the show or mixtape is February 29th, but work can be submitted to go up on the site at any time.

Where: THE INTERWEBZZ, specifically hello(at)swerved(dot)org or emailswerved(at)gmail(dot)com
DEADLINE: February 29th

Submit Your Cute Couples and Sexy Singles to Argus

Abbey Francis ’14 most definitely wants to gossip about your personal life in the storied pages of The Wesleyan Argus:

Do you know a cute couple or a sexy single that you think should be featured in the Valentines issue of the Argus? Submit your suggestions (their full names and class years, if known), as well as a brief description of why they deserve a spot in the issue, to arfrancis(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Alternately, you could simply drag your favorite inseparable couple or sensual bachelor in person to the Argus office on any given Monday or Thursday night—offering free Typhoon dinner typically works.