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Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: WesLingo

Good day, 2015! By this point, hopefully Orientation already has you thoroughly Oriented, Prometheus brought Fire to your Feet, and you completed several successful hip gyrations at the Beckham Bending Bash. However, you’ve likely had more than a few Wes-specific questions come up with all the Wes-specific self-educating you’ve been doing the last few days. A lot of these are likely location-based: “Where are my classes?”, “What’s that glass thing between the Chapel and the ’92 called?”, or “Seriously: Where the fuck are my classes?“.

To be fair, 2/3 of the questions given above are best answered using maps (maps of the Google, handheld, and human variety should all suffice). But you’ll likely go a long way towards understanding how to go about your business if you’ve at least got your terminology right. Keeping that in mind, dear reader, here’s a quick-and-dirty (read: by no means complete) review of some of the things you need to know if you don’t know what we know: