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Summerfield’s Winter Clothing Drive

From Summies:

Summies is collecting hats, coats, mittens, jackets, sweatshirts, blankets etc for a local homeless shelter. Bring in anything you don’t use/want anymore. You’ll make lots of people warm and happy!

Dates: December 1st – 14th
Place: Summerfields

Who to Follow: @Summiesisreal


The newest Wesleyan-related Twitter joined the game on Friday, January 23: @summiesisreal. Who even knows who is behind this masterpiece, but it’s definitely at the top of the list of Twitter accounts I recommend you should follow this week. Even though this account was only conceived two days ago, it’s already shown itself to be pretty promising. Following @summiesisreal today will be the highlight of your Sunday evening. Just do it. Of the nearly 100 tweets from this account, I piled together a handful of the best tweets in case you need some extra convincing to give them a follow.

This is the first section of @summiesisreal tweets I want to present to you. I’ll call it the Fuck @Weswings section.

Vendor Fair Everywhere

This just in from my inbox:

Today, November 8th, during lunch we are hosting a vendor fair at Usdan, Weshop, Pi Café and Summerfields. We have 16 vendors scheduled to show off their products, give away samples and prizes. You’re not going to want to miss this event!

The fair will begin at 11 am and end at 2pm. A few of the vendors you can look forward to seeing are: Pierce Brothers Coffee CT rental DNR Bakery Dole & Bailey Sid Wainer Fowler Island Oasis Shayna B and the Pickle General Mills Horse Listener’s Orchard Starlight Gardens Wesleyan’s very own Long Lane Farm! We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Today, November 8
Time: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Place: Usdan, Weshop, Pi, Summerfields

WesGrub: Eating and Drinking Things on Campus

Our first installment! We at Wesleying are here to tell you all about stuffing your faces at Wesleyan as part of our Unofficial Orientation Series 2012. A tradition begun by the Wesleying legends Holly Wood ’08 and Xue Sun ’08, this post has evolved a bit over the years. I’m trying for brevity, so if these details aren’t enough for your Wes-crazed brains, then check out this post from 2011.

Everything after the jump:

Separate Shit and State: Live with the Zapatistas in Mexico this Summer!

Sometimes, feeling good is all about comparing yourself to the right peer group. I may be dumb, but at least I’m not gonna do something cool this summer, like these losers:

Still looking for something to do this summer?  Look no further.  A diverse group of people, mostly but not entirely Wesleyan students, will be heading to Mexico for a 6 week tour de force of innovative social theory in practice, accompanied by intellectual/activist Gustavo Esteva.  Esteva was inspired to organize the trip after receiving such a wonderful response from Wesleyan during his lecture series here this February.  We will be meeting people effectively creating radical social change, exploring ecological living (including urban agriculture), staying with Mexican families, and time will be reserved for independent study.  We will be hosted by cooperatives, communities participating in ongoing occupations of land, and the Zapatistas, among others.  Knowledge of Spanish is not required – some people already committed to going do not speak Spanish yet – and learning Spanish will in fact be part of the trip.  This is an incredible chance to be students of revolutionary ways of living and constructing society, organized and accompanied by an excellent person to do so (Gustavo Esteva).  Please contact Emily Gershen ’12 at emilygershen(!)gmail(!!)com for more info–AND SOON!  Time is running out to commit to going.

Date: Tomorrow, Summer ’12
Time: Presented in 24-hour cycles
Place: Um. Mexico.
Cost: Inquire for details!

Lunchtime with Mark and Scott: Episode 10 – The Summerfields Burrito Challenge


The season finale! What a season it has been. Our intrepid lunchers, Mark Popinchalk ’13 and Scott Greene ’13, have been all over the Wesleyan campus, checking out lunchtime possibilities. We had so much content, we had to start a second Soundcloud account! Check out all the previous episodes here. It’s been a great run. And we couldn’t have done it without you listeners, the lunchites/lunchers.  But all good things must come to an end. This week, the season finale, we have the Summerfields Burrito Challenge. Mark fulfills his destiny. Once again, thank you for listening. We’ve had fun, and we hope you have too.
 Lunchtime with Mark and Scott: Episode 10- The Summerfields Burrito Challenge by Lunchtime w/Mark+Scott-2

Summerfields Luau and Butts Open Mic

It’s getting colder outside but Summerfields and the Butts want you to hang onto these last days of fall before we’re all bundled up and stressed out. Come to the Summerfields Luau and Butterfields Open Mic night THIS Thursday!

Summerfields will be serving Hawaiian food (and hosting some fun games!) on their patio from 5:00pm-8:00pm. At 8:00pm there will be an Open Mic in the Butterfield Courtyard – this is totally informal and open to anyone, just show up and sign up! Snacks/hot chocolate provided.

Date: Thurs, Oct 7
Time: Luau 5:00pm-8:00pm, Open Mic 8:00pm-10:00pm
Location: Summerfields patio and the Butthole

Summerfields To Introduce New Eco-Friendly To-Go Containers


Starting this Monday, Summerfields will now offer eco-friendly reusable to-go containers. For only five points, students can buy into the keychain- container system and greatly reduce their environmental impact. Stop by Summerfields to sign up.

Jen Liebschutz ’11, WSA Dining Committee Chair, writes in explaining the initiative:

It’s a new program, brought to you by Bon Appetit and the WSA Dining Committee in conjunction with the Sustainability Committee that provides participating students with reusable to-go containers for taking out meals from Summerfields.

HOW DOES IT WORK? You will pay 5 points at Summerfields to participate and you’ll receive a keychain.  You can then trade in the keychain when you want to-go and you’ll get your meal in a clean reusable clamshell container. You later take the dirty container to Summerfields and receive a keychain in exchange. Bon Appetit washes the container, and the system continues.

WHERE? You may use the new containers only at Summerfields  (except during exam week, when the Usdan Marketplace will also accept them (during lunch only)).  The expansion of the program (to Usdan) next year will depend on the popularity and success of the program this year!

COST? Five points.  You will only have to pay once in your time at Wes (unless you lose or break your keychain or container) if you hold onto your keychain over the summer.  You can also give your keychain or container to someone else at any time.  Summerfields will begin charging 50 cents on disposable containers (the actual cost of them) starting Monday, so it makes financial sense to buy into this program!

Summerfields, Daniel Family Commons closed for lunch

From an all-campus e-mail from BA Resident District Manager Michael Strumpf:

We will be unable to open the Daniel Family Common for lunch today, Monday, March 2nd. The weather conditions have caused a high number of employees to call out and we are unable to staff the operation. Also, Summerfields will be closed for lunch today for the same reasons but will open for dinner as scheduled at 5:00pm.

Summerfields "express lane" to open Monday

This week (presumably beginning Monday), Summerfields is adding an “express lane” for food to go. It will accept only points, but it sounds more convenient than waiting in line if you’re in a rush. No word yet on the menu or where specifically it will be located.

It’s a pretty interesting move, considering Summerfields already does takeout (and, unlike Usdan, doesn’t charge 50 cents extra and has it for both lunch and dinner); perhaps they’ve realized the Usdan Cafe’s shortcomings as the primary “to-go” venue. Does anyone (Jen? Becky?) have figures on traffic at the Cafe or takeout at lunch at the Marketplace? It’d be interesting to see if this is in response to diminished traffic at Usdan.