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A Message from Wesleyan Dining

From an e-mail:

Wesleyan Dining by Bon Appetit is listening to students!

Bon Appetit is listening to students and Summerfields has implemented distinct menu changes since Monday, September 15th.
Improved selections of meal bundles:

  • A home cooked style dinner available Monday to Friday with a beverage and dessert piece. The dinner entrée is a special of the day with a menu available online here.
  • Expanded vegetarian sandwich choices
  • Added chicken sandwich choices
  • Enhance burger choices with cheese available on request

Other changes to the menu:

  • A freshly baked roll is served with any salad entrees.
  • Option to add grilled chicken or grilled marinated tofu to your salad.
  • Dressing on the side available on request.
  • Guacamole is customary with any purchase of quesadilla, along with sour cream and salsa.

Bon Appetit will continue to evolve and fine tune the menu to meet with students’ taste and needs. We invite you to revisit Summerfields and seek out its improved menu as well as enjoy all that Wesleyan Dining has to offer.

Summerfields to get better?

Jen Liebschutz ’11, chair of the WSA’s Finance and Facilities committee, sends in some info about upcoming dining changes. Most of them seem to relate to Summerfields:

Recently, we had our first Dining Committee with Bon Appetit Regional Manager Michael Strumph, Wesleyan administrators, union workers, and students and we focused on addressing concerns about Summerfields.

Here are some solutions we came up with:

Starting Monday, Summerfields will have a chef-determined special of the day for dinner Monday-Friday available as a meal “bundle”. The chicken sandwich and grilled vegetable or portobello sandwich will also be added as meal bundles in addition to four they already have.

In the near future, Summerfields will have a “create-your-own” salad option where you can choose what toppings and protein you want on your salad. Bon Appetit has also promised to work on a method to improve how you know when your entree is ready, and they’re also looking into adding sushi and other creative entrees to the menu. The Dining Committee will continue to meet and discuss dining issues and improvements, so if you have any further suggestions, ideas, or observations about any dining issues, please email me at jliebschutz@wes.

While the changes seem far from perfect, props to Bon Appetit and the Dining Committee for making what seems to be an earnest effort to listen to students and meet student needs.

And props to students who have chimed in with their suggestions so far – let’s keep on actually talking about how to make the improvements we need instead of just complaining.

Even the Chefs Don’t Like New Summerfields

Feelings about the new “Summerfields Bistro” among returning students seem to be ambivalent, at best.

What used to make Summerfields worthwhile (aside from convenience for those living in the Butts/around Lawn Avenue), like the all-you-can-eat salad bar and the rotating menu of protein dinner options which quirkily corresponded to the four classical elements, has been replaced by a somewhat bland la carte fast food menu.

According to the Argus, even the Summerfields staff are annoyed:

According to Chef Charlie Morehead, Summerfield’s attendance dropped significantly over the first two weeks.

“The students don’t like the change and neither do we,” Morehead said. “We liked making home cooked meals and the concept was dropped.”

If you plan on continuing to eat at Summerfields but don’t like your options, email new Resident District Manager Michael Strumpf (mstrumpf@cafebonappetit.com), or the returning Summerfields Manager John Esteves (joao.esteves@cafebonappetit.com), or at least complain to your local WSA rep enough that they start to do something about it.

Changes at Summerfields

An anonymous student writes in,

Just went to the new Summerfields. I call it new because it is actually quite different from last year and the year before.


  1. There no longer seem to be rotating meals that you can pick from. Instead they basically have a larger late-night menu. (All medium priced by Wes standards)
  2. NO SALAD BAR! The best thing about Summerfields is now no more. Instead there are a few select salads on the menu.
  3. NO ALL YOU CAN EAT DESSERT: Instead on the menu are cakes, brownies and cookies.

I gotta say pretty severe disappointment.

Fall dining hours up

Bon Appétit has updated its website with this fall’s dining hours, which are virtually unchanged from last year. Among the notable points:

  • Despite repeated requests–and some rumors on the 2012 Facebook group–late night is not moving back to Summerfields this year. Its hours are the same as last spring (10:00 PM-1:30 AM, 7 nights a week).
  • It looks like the Marketplace will now be closed from 10:30 AM-11:00 AM (the breakfast-lunch changeover). Also, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM is now explicitly listed as “limited service”; last year, this was listed as “Lite Lunch” on the schedule at the Marketplace doors (but not on the BA website). Also, there was no mention last year of the Marketplace closing for the lunch changeover; the schedule at the doors simply listed breakfast as stopping at 10:30 and lunch beginning at 11:00. (“Limited breakfast” was served from 9:30-10:30, with lunch beginning at 11:00.)
  • WeShop’s weekend hours have not changed, at least not yet. They’re currently listed as noon-midnight Sunday-Thursday and 2:00 PM-6:00 PM Friday and Saturday. The hours for Summerfields, the Usdan Café, the Daniel Family Commons, and Pi Café also are unchanged from last year.

Considering freshman arrival day is four days away (and the international students arrived today), I would assume these are final. The “Wesleyan Dining Overview” pamphlet has not been updated yet; check “Meal Plan Selection” under “Student Life at Wesleyan” in your e-Portfolio for a refresher on this year’s new meal plans.

Wendy, Late Night, Bon Appetit

Apparently making a points spreadsheet gives me a ticket to join the Wesleying staff. Anyways, let’s get to it.

I just got word from one of the women working at late night that Wendy, of Summerfields fame, lost her position as cashier at Usdan today.

This doesn’t mean she’s been fired, just that someone else with more seniority wanted her job, and bumped her. Technically, this is all following union rules about seniority, and how jobs are assigned, but it seems like things are generally going pretty shitty for Wesleyan dining workers these days. I don’t know if Wendy’s going to get another cashier job, or what’s going to happen, but let’s raise some hell! Call people! Email people! Email Michael Roth! Tell them that what Bon Appetit is doing is really shitty, and we’re not going to stand for it!

List of (my) complaints (so far):

  • Lines.
  • Traffic Flow. (this one’s not totally BA’s fault, because they didn’t design the building, but it’s still godawful)
  • Limited drink options. (they claim that they’re in the process of getting newer and better machines)
  • Late night. This one gets a whole section.
  • There are about half as many options as at Summerfields. Fries and Sweet Potato Fries are the only vegetarian options.
  • There’s no place to sit down while you wait for your order, because if you go into the main seating area, the doors close behind you and you can’t hear your order.
  • There’s no way to re-enter to get refills on your drink or forgotten condiments or anything
  • There’s no menu. Seriously, guys.
  • It’s sort of ridiculous that you have to bring your order directly to the cook, although they claim that they’re going to get a printer for the kitchen like they had at Summerfields, so that you don’t have to do this anymore.

EDIT: additions to the list

  • Ice cream machines: they really should be with the desserts, not in the already over-crowded drink area. I mentioned this to one of the managers, and he said that they couldn’t move it because it required a high-amp electrical plug and a water line. Granted, these are not trivial things to move, but the building’s still under construction, I imagine that it wouldn’t be impossible to do.
  • Drinks: Why do they have the cups arranged so that you have to walk past the drinks, get a cup, turn around, get your drink, and turn around again to leave?

The same woman I talked to about Wendy (she used to wear a hat with a fan on it at Summerfields late night) said that we should all write comment cards urging them to move late night back to Summerfields. The comment card boards are across the hall from the lunchtime cash registers.

People to complain to:


Delmar Crim
Resident District Manager for Bon Appetit

Dean Rick Culliton
Dean of Campus Programs/

University Center Director


Dean Mike Whaley
Dean of Student Services

Interim Dean of the College

Salutations and Summerfields

To start I’d just like to say hello, and that I hope to become at least a semi-active poster here. (Although classes start tomorrow, and I have absolutely no clue what that’s going to be like and how much time that’s going to consume.) Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot to say about myself, so I’ll move on to my main topic now: Summerfields.

I’m not sure how many people have actually eaten there yet, but I ate dinner last night and lunch today there, and I have to say I’m quite disappointed. Living in the Butts, Usdan is at least a 5 minute walk, so I was really looking forward to having Summerfields open. All I have to do to get to Summerfields is walk down a hallway and 19 stairs. I was really expecting it to be so much better than it actually is.

I’ve been very pleased overall with the quality of the food in Usdan. The food in Summerfields that I’ve eaten has been, if anything, worse. And the portions are tiny. Last night I had a piece of chicken that was about half the size of a normal chicken breast–I usually eat more than one of those–and some potatoes. Today I had half a sub–which was 99% bread–and some awful sweet potato fries. You can get all you can eat salad and soups (even during lunch), but you end up eating just as much salad as actual meal to make up for the amount of food they give you. And the salad selections are very limited. They don’t have a lot toppings that are pretty standard and common (peppers, for instance). After even a few days eating there, I’m going to be pretty tired of salad.

I could live with all of this if Summerfields was still open late. But it’s not even open after dinner. It closes at 7! I am not going to be walking across campus to Usdan in the middle of the night. I’m quite willing to give Bon Appetite a chance, but to me it seems as if they have completely abandoned Summerfields to cut costs–paring it down to the bare minimum they can get away with–and I’m very unhappy about it.