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Be in Sunday in the Park with George

Chris Ceccolini ’10 says:

Are you involved in a show that ends soon and want to continue being involved with theater after it ends? Have you ever wanted to be in a musical but don’t want to dance or sing complex songs? There is a solution to these problems. Join the cast of Sunday in the Park with George! We are in need of THREE more actors to fulfill all 14 roles in this beautiful Pulitzer Prize-winning musical. Specifically TWO men and ONE woman are needed; none of the roles are very large or require solo singing but each is extremely fun, witty, and exciting. Interested? Contact Chris Ceccolini (cceccolini@wes) for more information on this exciting opportunity!

Show dates are April 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

I overheard the Sunday in the Park with George people practicing the other day, and they sound GREAT. This is totally a show you want to be in.