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Commercial Break

Thought it would be cool to break up the event posts (trust me: there’s more comin’), so here – stop doing homework and enjoy some assorted internet treasures :

  • Here is a Wespeak written by Mandrew VanSoundgarden ’05 (of The MGMNTs fame) about those ice cream cookie sandwich things they have at WeShop, from 2001. Can anyone check and see if we still stock the same brands?
  • Reddit (‘sup?) sent me to this rather interesting article about the genius that everyone forgot, once he stopped pumping out groundbreaking mathematics research/otherwise doing what was expected from a three-year-old with an IQ measured at 178.
  • Historically relevant on this day: Michael Roth‘s “Leave Out the Politics just this Once, Dear God” blog post, a blog post that dives right into the aforementioned politics as they relate to artistic expression, and some relevant photography from Flickr.
  • You guys like Hayao Miyazaki, right? Right? Of course you do. Credit to Neo “Too Cool for School (at Least this Semester, Anyway)” Sora ’13 for showing me this ’90s music video the legendary animator directed over the summer. I’m sure you guys can come up with some kind of Miyazaki Trope Drinking Game to play for this. Sunday night is the best night for drinking games. Always.

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