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Seretan ’10 Skips Superbowl, Records Fantastic Record

What would you do if you were Ben Seretan ’10?

What a month it’s been for Wesleyan musical ghosts of semesters past. Prog/jam/funktastic homeys Ishmael reemerged with announcement of a new EP (later previewed on WESU) and a date at Earth House to boot. Mad Wow, back from its Last Show Ever, brought its distinctive funk-inf(l)ected strain of Mad Wow Disease to Alpha Delt just last weekend. Duchampion alumnus Asa Horvitz ’10 popped up in Eclectic Haus last Saturday, fronting new project Point Reyes just before Nat Baldwin took the stage. And now fellow Duchampion guitarist/singer/general ass-kicker Ben Seretan ’10 is back in action with a fantastic collection of sprawling, reverby, mostly solo compositions entitled New Space.

Seretan recorded the entire thing, mostly by himself, at a friend’s studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn during the Superbowl. (According to an entirely scientific, infallible Wesleying poll, at least a quarter of readers didn’t watch the Superbowl. If any of you freaks recorded anything as mesmerizing as “What Would You Do If You Were Me?” during that time block, I’d like to hear it.)

The Superbowl, as directed by…

Slate has a fantastic clip of Superbowl trailers for film majors and football enthusiasts alike.  It’s the Superbowl, as directed by Jean-Luc Godard, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and others.  Apparently Warner Herzog is a fan of da Bears.

UCAB Football Mania and Superbowl

Excited about the upcoming football action this weekend? Don’t have a tv to watch the superbowl on? Then don’t miss UCAB’s football mania week!!! We will be hosting TWO events this week in honor of the upcoming superbowl:


Come watch Varsity Blues in one room or go play both NCAA and NFL football video games in another. There will be a raffle for prizes and FREE food and drinks!

Date: Thursday 2/4
Time: 9 PM
Place: Usdan game room in the basement

Superbowl Showing

We will be showing the SUPERBOWL featuring the Saints and the Colts. There will be plenty of food (mozzarella sticks and wings for example) and refreshments. There will be a RAFFLE!

Date: Sunday 2/7
Time: 6 PM
Place: Usdan Café