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Roth’s Remarks

Here are some of my favorite lines, which may not match the video exactly because I’m pulling them from his prepared remarks:

  • “I know that we share a desire to make Wesleyan the best school in America — not according to US News, but on the basis of how hearts and minds are developed here.”
  • “Being in the company of students as gifted and energetic as Wesleyan’s class of 2008, gives me faith that we may well be able to reject the status quo, to build a politics and a culture of hope and community rather than of fear and divisiveness. If you engage in the serious politics of change, if you participate in the struggle for social justice and sustainable economic growth, I believe we can change course.”
  • “You will hear people tell you that the greatest protection against violence is surveillance, that greater security is developed with higher fences to keep out the foreigners, or that we must project violence on distant shores to keep our homes safe. DO NOT BELIEVE THESE MESSAGES. Please remember that your education stands in opposition to non-sense and cruelty; please recall your capacity to create when others around you call for destruction.”

Thanks for your patience

Obama and SuperRoth

Carolyn Wachnicki ’05 saw this anonymous plea on a Wesleying comment (4:59 pm): “someone PLEASE photoshop superroth with obama PLEASE” and couldn’t resist answering the call.
I’m not quite convinced it’s actually Photoshopped and isn’t just a real photograph. I mean, he’s even wearing a flag pin!