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From the Argives: “The Tally”

1959: “Conn College Girls Get The Whistles; Holyoke, The Dates; But Wellesley Chicks Get The Men”

These days, it’s not uncommon to take surveys about things like our use of campus spaces, our views regarding fossil fuel divestment, the quality of our academic courses, and other exciting and important topics.

In 1959, The Wesleyan Argus gave some Wesleyan students a very different kind of survey.

On Friday, October 23rd, 1959, the Argus’ front page shared the results of a questionnaire asking Wesleyan students (“Wesmen”) to rank women from other New England colleges on the basis of their beauty, personality, intelligence, desirability for blind dates, and potential to be wives. In their article, the writers explained their bizarre experiment:

With its usual interest in the cause of public enlightenment, the Argus recently offered Wesmen the opportunity to pass judgment on girls from five of the major New England colleges. The young lovelies were assessed via questionnaires on their looks, personality, intelligence, and desirability by 200 coldly calculating Wesleyan students.

And so, these students filled out the survey, sharing their “cold, calculating” judgments of the women of Connecticut College, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Vassar, and Wellesley. The results became front-page Argus news.

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Take the WSA’s Library Noise Level Survey


From Kate “Leading the Pack” Cullen ’16:

Are the Wesleyan libraries too loud? WSA’s Student Affairs Committee is working with the library staff and the Academic Affairs Committee to conduct a survey on noise level in the libraries in response to an influx in student complaints. If you haven’t already, please fill out our survey on library noise levels here!

Deadline: Sometime soon

Participate in Psych Study on Bilingualism

Do you speak better spanish than I do? Almost certainly. But are you bilingual? Carina Kurban ’14 wants to know:

Bilingual in English and Spanish?
Want $10 cash?
Participate in an online Psych study on bilingualism and get paid for procrastinating!
Find out your eligibility by completing this short survey.
Contact bilingualismstudy[at]wesleyan[dot]edu for details.

Deadline: Saturday April 27th
Click: Here
Make: $10

Memory and Event Recollection Study (with $10 Compensation)


Zach Dravis ’15 and the memory and event recollection study team lets you know how to earn $10 without getting out of bed:

Interested in earning $10 while taking part in an enjoyable memory study? We are inviting you to participate in a 2-part memory and event recollection study that takes less than an hour total and is completely online! Fill out the participation form now to receive further instructions about the study! Our research team will verify your eligibility so you can proceed with the study.

Date: Now!
Time: Now!
Place: Online!
Cost: Negative $10!

THESISCRAZY: The Sweet Sweet Sexin’ Edition

Think writing is the only thing going on in those thesis carrels? Think again.

You’ve heard about theses about sex. You’ve also heard about theses that are not about sex. But have you heard about the sex… about theses? (‘About’ there being used as a preposition to indicate proximity or nearness, and here being used to indicate overly pretentious grammatical analysis.)

Anyway, if you’re a senior frantically trying to make whole chapters coherent (or written), you received a survey a few weeks ago (inspired by this old Argus article from the 1995) about how much sweet sweet sexin’ you’ve been getting in your carrel (or not carrel) in between the coffee runs. About 20 percent of you managed to fill it out, and by the looks of it the rest of you were too busy bangin’ to complete the survey. Here are the results, with a few choice excerpts:

Have you ever had sex in your carrel?    Yes: 48% (56% at least masturbated)


“Yep. Haven’t really been able to concentrate in my carrel ever since.”

“Yes. I’ve spent more time having sex in my carrel than working there.”

“yes, oral. but planning on having vaginal intercourse in my carrel soon.”

“Yes, both masturbation and with a partner. We found the chair and desk especially useful surfaces.”

Accommodations Stressing You Out?

How’s it going? Wesleying hopes that y’all are enjoying your vacations and will have a sufficiently broken spring upon your return to campus, where you’ll be glad to know a rainstorm more or less washed the snow away. Here’s a brief note from Ariel Schwartz ’12 that won’t even take five minutes of your sunbathing time (for 35% of you, anyway):

Help Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights compile a list of things that you want your teachers to know about you, your disability, and/or accommodations. All answers are anonymous and will be brought to faculty members.
Questions? Contact aeschwartz@wesleyan.edu

WSDR is taking responses through at least April 1st. Fill out the survey here.


Surveys, submissions, magazines, and more

Take the Unlocked Magazine Sex Survey II.

[Via Shannon Sun-Higginson ’10.]

Ad-Lit is accepting poetry submissions. All are encouraged to send their work to rcarpman@wes by Monday, April 20.

[Via Rachel Carpman ’10.]

The Wesleyan Jewish Community (WesJews) has a new blog. It has news and events related to Jewish life at Wes.

[Via David Baranger ’10.]

The Second Stage staff application deadline has been extended to Friday, April 17.

[Via Laura Shapiro ’10.]

Armchair/Shotgun, a New York-based literary magazine founded by Wesleyan alums, is seeking short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for its inaugural issue. The debut will feature an interview with Jonathan Lethem, as well as pieces from whiskey-swilling, foul-mouthed, up-and-coming writers. Visit armchairshotgun.com for more info.

[Via John Cusick.]

Long Lane Farm needs acoustic musical acts for its May Day Celebration on Saturday, May 2. Contact Aaron Greenberg ’11 (aegreenberg@wes) or Alex Ketchum ’12 (aketchum@wes) as soon as possible.

Turn us down and receive a 0.16% scholarship!

I’m sure most of the people reading this remember the big admission packet from Wes, including the two reply forms with “YES” and “NO” at the top, the latter of which promised further questioning from the powers that be. Apparently, goodwill is no longer enough to get colleges–or any company, for that matter–sufficient responses. An article in Sunday’s Courant reports on the strategies these schools/companies are using to attempt to get consumers to reply to their surveys–namely, providing financial incentives. Turns out one of our in-state peers has followed suit:

Admissions officers at Connecticut College have taken that idea further. They’re reaching out to 137 recent applicants who were accepted to the school but were accepted to the school but chose to attend another college. For completing the phone survey, they will receive a $75 Amazon gift certificate….They’re aiming for a response of 40 to 50 percent.

Patricia Carey, vice president for college relations at Connecticut College, said plenty of other scools are trying to get a better sense of why students choose one school over another. She figures the amount of surveying is significantly more than what liberal arts colleges were doing 10 to 15 years ago.

Considering how fierce the competition is for top students (remember Jordan Goldman? Julianna Bentes? Mig Pensoneau? Ralph Figueroa?), I suppose it makes sense that schools are looking for any edge they can get, and who better to ask than those who sought greener pastures?

Hartford Courant: Those Consumer Surveys Can Be Valuable