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Outreach for the Spring

Amy Zhang ’15 invites you to hang out at the super cool Mansfield Freeman Center building:

unnamed-1Love playing with kids? Want to teach them some East Asian culture through activities like dance, sushi-making, and calligraphy? Outreach at the Center for East Asian Studies is a great way to interact with the greater Middletown community, and we’re always looking for more people to get involved. You have to be free on Friday early afternoons.

Email azhang[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and mmisaki[at]wesleyan[dot]edu for more information. Sessions start this Friday!

Your Sushi is Not What You Think It Is

I know some of you hate it when Wesleying becomes an outlet for the New York Times, but this one is particularly interesting for two reasons. It shows that science is not a scary endeavor to be held on a pedestal, as many of us liberal-artsy students seem to believe, and it is also relevant because we (Wesleyan, college students, whatever) eat a lot of sushi.

Turns out that we are not always eating what we think, or what we are paying for.

NY Times: Fish Tale Has DNA Hook – Students Find Bad Labels