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Around the Table: Food Panel and Art Exhibition

1468754_10152717403246020_1031408997282120013_nFrom Molly Steinfeld ’15:

The Food Panel and Art Exhibition showcases senior theses, essays, and projects exploring food related topics. The first half of the event will be a panel discussion with Professor Amyrs Williams. Following the panel, there will be a reception showcasing student artwork related to thesis work as well as student groups providing information and volunteer sign-ups about their food-related efforts on Wesleyan’s campus.

Participating Students: Molly Steinfeld, Elijah Stevens, Miles Cornwall, Kate Weiner, Rachie Weisberg, Chloe Holden, Jaxie Friedman, Drue Mirchard, Rachel Lindy

Sponsored by: Sustainability Office, the College of the Environment, the History Department, and set-up by the Green Fund

Date: Thurs, April 30
Time: 4-6 pm
Place: CFA Hall

Do It in the Dark 2014

From the Sustainability interns, kicking off Wesleyan’s sexiest energy saving effort:

Do It In The Dark is Wesleyan’s annual energy-saving competition. For the first time ever, Do It In the Dark is going campus-wide. From October 12 to November 25, we’re encouraging students in all residences to cut back energy usage. Every dollar saved in reduced energy usage will be donated to Wesleyan Financial Aid. In order to track energy reductions throughout the competition, we will be using an app called Joulebug (which can be downloaded on the App store and the Android store on either your phone or computer). JouleBug allows you to “buzz” every time you perform a sustainable action, earning points. The points will be tracked to determine which residence is being the most sustainable (earning you a prize!).

The app is sorted into teams. Dorms, HiRise, LoRise, and Program Houses will be competing in one group, and Woodframes and Apartments will be competing in another group. When you sign up, look for your team and join!

Even if you can’t download the app, still participate. A grand prize at the end is awarded to the residence with the most actual energy reduction (which we track through the utility bill in the winter!).

Every two weeks, there will be a new challenge. For the first two weeks, we’re focusing on laptops and electricity usage! Here are some tips:

  • Turn your lights off every time you leave your room!
  • Shut down your computer rather than putting it to sleep!
  • Unplug your computer once it is fully charged, and unplug your charger if you’re not using it.

People’s Climate March Poster Party

10576984_1467220210195624_5355885662211429767_nFrom Luisa Donovan ’18 and Julia Lejeune ’18:

Join WesDivest for a poster making session to get ready for the upcoming People’s Climate March! Anyone is welcome, even if you can’t make it to the actual march. Come one, come all with materials and great ideas!

Time: 9 pm
Place: UOC

Waste Not! Tag Sale

c/o me

From Molly Steinfeld ’15:

Worried that your Grateful Dead poster will be lonely on your dorm room walls? Wanting a love seat for some luvin’? Needing a place to heat up your cup-o-noodle? Then come to Waste Not!, Wesleyan’s annual tag sale, where all of these items and more will be available for purchase.

In the Spring, students donate items as they move out of housing. These items are then stored over the summer and available for purchase by students in the Fall. Proceeds go towards sustaining the program, and the rest goes to charity.

We have refrigerators, microwaves, chairs, couches, lamps, mirrors, and a million odds and ends. Bigger items such as furniture will be at the Fountain location, and miscellaneous items will be at the Brainerd garage. The sale will be on August 30th and 31st. There will be signs around campus to direct you to the TWO locations.

Unofficial Orientation Series: Keeping Green on Campus


If you came to Wesleyan because of some vague, or obvious, interest in environmentalism, then you’re in luck! If you find the right people, organizations, classes, etc. then you’ll have a great support system for keeping green on campus. If you thought it was impressive that the admissions building has solar panels on top of it (mostly a ploy to get environmentalist students to apply), then you’ll have a great time getting involved with sustainability efforts at Wes.

First of all, Wesleyan has a sustainability coordinator, whose role is to help further Wesleyan’s mission of sustainability, including making things clearer to you. Her name is Jen Kleindienst and you can send her an e-mail at jkleindienst[at]wes. For questions regarding sustainability, you should also check out Wesleyan’s sustainability website.

Volunteer for Waste Not!


From Molly Steinfeld ’15:

Waste Not!, Wesleyan’s beloved annual yard sale, is looking for volunteers for this fall! Move into school early (August 26th), help sell donated items, and hang with great people! Fill out the application below and send it to either of the Waste Not! coordinators: Molly Steinfeld (msteinfeld[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) and Michael Ortiz (mortiz01[at]wesleyan[dot]edu).

Application here or after the jump:

Where to Donate Your Stuff

WasteNot! Locations

If you’re moving out in the next few days and have a bunch of stuff you don’t need or want anymore, donate them to Waste Not! or to Goodwill so they’re not wasted. There’s a group of Waste Not! student volunteers sticking around this week just to collect your cool armchairs, lamps, printers, TVs, didgeridoo, etc.

The official Waste Not! collection will be on Monday, May 26 (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), but until then you can put your clothing and linens into Goodwill bins around campus. The locations of these bins are marked in green in the map above.

The locations of Monday’s Waste Not! sites are as follows (they’re different from what’s marked above), courtesy of Sustainability Intern Ari Lewenstein ’16 :

Waste Not! 2014

waste not!

From Rachael Metz ’16 and Ari Lewenstein ’16:

It’s that time again – everyone is moving out, and you all have things you don’t want to store or take home with you. Have a lamp, power strip, couch, shampoo, Wheat Thins, or anything else in this realm that you DON’T want? Donate it to Waste Not! Keep an eye out for orange signs directing you to your nearest bin where you donate your items. Otherwise just check out this link.

On Saturday, May 17th, keep an eye out for orange-shirted volunteers who will help you organize and donate your items.

JouleBug Contest Starts Tomorrow

joulebugThe JouleBug sustainability contest starts tomorrow! If you’re a team leader, make sure you have members participating on your team! People can join your team until April 27th (but you can get a head start by racking points up early). Here’s how:

1. Once the app is downloaded, go to Profile

2. From Profile, select Settings (the gear icon)

3. Select Communities, Wesleyan Teams*

4. Select your Team name from the list of available Teams

Points will accumulate for your Team from April 14-27. You can find some additional information here.

Every dollar saved on energy is a dollar added to financial aid! Good luck and get Buzzing!

Wes JouleBug Kick-off Event w/ Pizza Dinner


Wes JouleBug is a campus-wide sustainability contest and is having its kick-off event on Monday, Nov 11 at the College of the Environment. Stop by to learn more about the contest and meet the other people participating! There will be pizza for dinner, and a bunch of people who care about a more sustainable Wes!

If you haven’t signed up for the contest yet, you have until TONIGHT at midnight to do it. Sign up as a team captain here and get your friends to be on your team! Remember, all residential energy savings go toward financial aid.

Date: Monday, November 11
Time: 6-7 p.m.
Place: The College of the Environment (284 High St)
Cost: FREE and you get pizza
FB Event