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Photos: Top 40 Cover Band @ DKE

When I arrived at the Top 40 Cover band show on Saturday at midnight, which was when the show was supposed to start, DKE was already filled  to capacity, with several dozen people trying to get in. With the arrival of PSafe, the DKE members manning the door had no choice but to bark at the party hopefuls to go away, “as there is zero percent chance of you getting in.” I was only able to sidestep this impasse by brandishing my status as a photographer for the Argus/Wesleying. A Saturday night with questionable weather, freshmen in heat, nothing better to do: all had conspired to create a perfect storm.

When I got inside, I realized they weren’t kidding: the house (I was hoping the band would play in the basement, which has a higher capacity) was packed with throngs of underclassmen dancing to a selection of the best top 40 tunes of the past 10 years or so, with a heavy bias toward 2011 and 2012. Haters in the Building, who I’ve previously missed out on due to abroad-ness, are the cream of the crop: the lineup rotated between Julian Applebaum, Emma Daniels, Sam Ebb, Adrien DeFontaine, Will Feinstein, Henry Molofsky, and Danny Sullivan, Audrey Kiley (all ’13), Zack Kantor ’15, and Zak Malik ’14.