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The Wesivore: Teaching the Art of Survival, sans Meal Plan, Since June 2011

I have an absurd love of baby spinach.  I’m addicted to tea, bread, coffee shops, and super-dark chocolate.  My kitchen is the size of a shoebox.  Sometimes when my housemates are asleep I bake naked.

Who does this little riddle desrcibe? If you guessed Anonymous WesKid on Campus for the Summer Who’s Blogging About Feeding Yourself in Middletown, then well done: You’re right on the money!

Over at the Wesivore, AWKCSWBAFYM ‘?? has found it in hir heart to offer all kinds of content, centered around the theme of eating at Wesleyan (especially over the summer). Ze posts shopping lists, recipes, eatery reviews, and criminally undervoted polls with consistently good cheer and a knack for entertainingly direct observations. And there are plenty of pictures, as you’d expect from pretty much any food blog worth its [kosher] salt. Even if you’re not on campus and just like blogging or food (read: all of you), drop in and peruse a post or three.