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Call 2 Artists/Exquisite Corpse


Some words from  Sophia “Sophia Jennings” Jennings ’16:

Method Magazine and SWERVED are teaming up with Columbia’s PostcryptArt Gallery for a Wes/CU show in NYC on October 24th. Over the course of a month, we invite you to start working on anything. It can be a story, a poem, a painting, a drawing, a photo, a beat, anything.

On September 29th, we’ll send it to NYC, where a group of Columbia artists will keep working on it. Then they’ll send it back to us by October 7th. You’ll take what they’ve done and add to it more before we send it back on October 15th. The Columbia artists will add their finishing touches and by October 24, the piece will be part of an opening at Postcrypt Gallery beneath St. Paul’s Cathedral in Morningside Heights.

If you’re interested in getting involved email msjennings[at]wesleyan[dot]edu by Wednesday, September 24th.

SWERVED interest meeting

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.42.40 PM

Gabe Gordon ’15 and Zach Scheinfeld ’16 love science:

SWERVED was founded several years ago as a database for Wesleyan’s creative and artistic community. In the past, SWERVED has curated exhibitions of student work and maintained a presence online at swerved.org. This year, we hope to revamp and reinvent SWERVED’s online presence, and turn it into the usable database it has the potential to be. We hope to turn SWERVED not only into a showcase and archive of student work, but of student artists, making the site a place for people to find and connect with collaborators on all sorts of creative projects.

If you are interested in contributing work or helping out in any capacity, please join us Wed evening at 35 Home Ave!

Date: Tonight (Wednesday 9/17)
Time: 7 pm
Place: 35 Home

Swerved Annual Art Show

Scan-131205-0006 copy

A cool opportunity comes your way from Hannah Knudsen ’14:

Submit your work to the annual Swerved Art Show! We are currently accepting submissions for consideration!

Send photos of your work to agueye@wes or hknudsen@wes with your name, class year, and the artwork’s title, medium, and size!

Below are the details of the show, so submit soon!

Dates: February 2–16, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM–1:00 AM
Place: Zelnick Pavilion
Cost: $0 dollaz
Contact: agueye@wes or hknudsen@wes 

Submit to the Upcoming SWERVED Show

A while back we mentioned the relaunch of SWERVED, our favorite local online student art collective.

SWERVED is coming back at you with a reminder to submit to their upcoming show in Wesleyan’s very own Zilkha Gallery. The show will run November 7th-18th, but submissions will only be accepted through October 27th, so get that art made quick!

All the cool kids are doing it.

SWERVED: revamped and reloaded

SWERVED.org, everyone’s favorite online student art collective, is back after a summer hiatus with a redesigned website (courtesy of Garren Gotthardt ’13) featuring a sleeker platform for students’ artwork along with a variety of new features, including a thesis archive (don’t see yours? send images to hello(at)swerved.org) and a classifieds section to help connect creators on campus with models, actors, etc.

As always, all work submitted will be published in their online digital galleries, and all submissions before October 27 will be considered for their upcoming Zilkha Show, which will run November 7th-18th.

So take a little time off this lazy Sunday afternoon — I know you’re not working right now anyway — and check out the new site.

Procrastinate (on) SWERVE(D)

Besides this week’s official Procrastination Destination sites, here’s a reminder that Wesleyan’s own student art site SWERVE(D)–recently lauded by Mr. M. Roth himself as “wonderful”–offers some procrastination opportunities of its own.

For example, whether you loved or hated the thesis films this past weekend, SWERVE(D) has all the past film theses they can get their hands on. Additionally, SWERVE(D) has recently uploaded a good portion of this year’s studio art theses for your viewing pleasure.

Check out that LINK!

Senior Thesis Films Now on SWERVE(D)

A screenshot of screenshots? Pretty meta, huh?

So, you’re a little under 48 hours into the second half of the semester and you’re already itching for a little good ol’ fashioned procrastination? Well, look no further.

SWERVE(D) now offers a repository of past Senior Thesis Films (or, at least, the ones they were able to find when searching the interwebz), all in one convenient location. Think of it as an update to our post last year on the topicBrowse away!

Are they missing anything? Send suggestions to hello(at)swerved(dot)org or post them in the comments.

Got Events?

Yeah, that’s right, I know how to use Google.

Swerve(d) has recently revamped its events calendar (here) and, in the interest of providing a comprehensive look at arts events on campus, is welcoming your input.

Send tips to events(at)swerved(dot)org; artluv welcomed (as always) at hello(at)swerved(dot)org/emailswerved(at)gmail(dot)com.