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WesSwing and Blues and Stuff

Chandra Galbati ’12 sends in a sparse email to get the following out:

WeSwing&Blues invites you to come learn some sassy moves.
Free lessons!
Date: Saturday, February 11
  1. Swing: 2 – 3 pm
  2. Free Dance: 3 – 3.30 pm
  3. Blues: 3.30- 4.30pm

Place: Nics Lounge

Jump & Jive at the Swing & Blues Dance at Jump & Jive

Tresne Hernandez ’12 wants you to swing, swing, swing (and blues) from the tabletops at Vinnie’s Jump & Jive this Saturday:

Bringing back the swing! And blues too… A SWING & BLUES DANCE!

Date: Saturday, January 28
Time: 8-9 pm: Beginner Lesson; 9-11 pm: swing dancing for all; 11-12 pm: late-night blues
Place: Vinnie’s Jump & Jive, 424 Main Street
Cost: $5 for students; $8 for general admission

AND THEN! Late-late-night blues at Wesleyan!

Time: 11 pm – 1:30 am
Place: Fayerweather Dance Studio
Cost: Free to be, you and Mroth

1920’s at Alpha Delta Phi

A swanky message from the one and only Cheryl Tan ’11

HEY! Do you wanna feel SO COPACETIC?! (chill and okay)

This week, get dolled up (dressed up), put some galoshes on your dogs (feet) and get a wiggle on (move) down to the ab-so-lute-ly keen (awesome) and ritzy (awesome) Alpha Delta Phi for days on end of nifty (awesome) workshops, talks films and music from the roaring 20’s!

Here’s a quick rundown of events:

8pm, ADP Greene Room – Film! Probably something with Buster Keaton

8pm, ADP Greene Room – 20’s Fashion, a talk by Kim Prosise ’11
9pm, ADP Greene Room – Film! Probably Pandora’s Box, or The Great Gatsby

6.45pm, ADP Greene Room – Swing basic workshop by Jan Marie Olownia ’11

Harry and the Potters (not exactly part of the 20’s shindigs)

All day, ADP Multiple Locations – Films and Documentaries
2pm, Fayerweather Dance Studio – Charleston Review Lesson by WesSwing
6pm, ADP Greene Room – Musics and Cultures in the 20s by Lindsay Wright ’10
8.30pm, ADP Living Room and Foyer – Soiree/Shindig/Hop

More details about each day’s events after the break!

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 30 through Saturday, Dec. 4
Place: 185 High Street
Cost: all for free!
Link: http://www.facebook.com/thisposthasbeenedited