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Resist with Style: Queer Wesleyan Shirts

imageDamn. Don’t you want that on your chest? If so, you’ll need $6 and a willingness to interface with cool people like Sophie Massey ’15:

In the 90’s and early 2000s the queer community made shirts. I’m trying to bring that back. I’m attaching the design that will be on the t-shirt. There are 3 shirt options: a black tank with white writing, a black t-shirt with white writing, or a pink t-shirt [Ed. note: !!!] with black writing.

The words are from the list Professor Greg Goldberg read at the discussion on same-sex marriage that he led. Virgil Taylor ’15 came up with the triangle formation.

They’re $6 and whoever is interested needs to fill out an order form. Here’s the link to the Facebook page.


Hit up the order form and send in your $6 by February 18 if you want the goodies. (You want them.)

AG Tees by Ginsberg ’14

Alex Ginsberg ’14 is selling homemade Tee Shirts! They are made from stencils and silk screens and come in a variety of colors and styles. They range from designs about Foss Hill to designs about how much of a Thug the 90’s cartoon Doug was.

The shirts cost $10.

There’s a Facebook page with all of Alex’s beautiful friends who were kind enough to only wear underwear when modeling so as not to distract you.

If you would like to order one, please send a message to AG Tees with your desired Design, Shirt Size & Ink Color.

To purchase/get more information/see Alex’s friends in their undies, check out the swanky Facebook page.

Design Senior T-Shirt, Win Free Senior Pass

From the Senior Gift Chairs:


Want a free senior pass?!?! All you have to do is design the winning senior t-shirt design. It’s fantastic that the passes are so much cheaper this year, but do you know what’s even cheaper than $120? FREE.

You can submit a design as an individual or as a house (or as any other group you can think of, as long as it’s 5 people or less). If your design is picked to be the ’09 senior tee, you’ll win the GOLDEN TICKET! Which is to say, you get to go to all the senior cocks for free. Really, you just can’t lose. The only guidelines are that the shirt must say “Wesleyan Fund” and “Class of ’09” somewhere on it. Also, no profanities and nothing too obscene.

Questions? Email Anand at tsv(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or any of the ’09 Senior Gift Chairs: Emily Avener (eavener), Erik Underwood (eunderwood), and Jen Matthews (jmatthews). Submissions are due to tsv(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by 8 AM on Monday the 20th. Good luck!

But she can see Russia from her home state…

Rachel Brown ’08 writes:

My mom and I made this shirt (she did the text and I drew the picture of Sarah Palin), emphasizing that arguably anyone who has had a passport for more than a year has had more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin. We’re having it made at a local T-shirt shop in my hometown.

The shirts are printed with black ink on either an orange, mint, or tan shirt. Sizes run S – XL; shirts are $15 each.

To order a shirt, or for more info, email rdbrown@wes.