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Waste Not! Again!

Molly Steinfeld ’15 writes:

Waste Not! Again_2

That’s right. Wesleyan’s annual tag sale just became BIANNUAL. After a great turn out (and due to popular request), Waste Not is coming back for an encore. There are so many leftover donations that we have decided to bring back Waste Not! one more time before the rest of the donations go to Good Will. Our Mission: stock every last dorm, apartment, and house with everything it could possibly desire.

A tag sale of the tag sale: the sale will be on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th at the Brainerd lot. For $1, fill a box or bag of kitchenware, plates, school supplies, shoes, and MORE. All household appliances will be $5. SOOOOOUPER CHEAP.

So come by 44 Brainerd on Saturday, September 13th from 1-3PM to load up on cheap house furnishings!

Date: Saturday, September 13th
Time: 1 – 3 PM
Place: 44 Brainerd

Alpha Delt Tag Sale to Benefit Relay for Life


Though not technically part of ADP’s Alice in Wonderland Week, the coinciding nature of the week’s theme and the impending tag sale could lead one to wonder if the wares being offered might lead you down your very own rabbit hole. From Kim Ladd ’13:

Shopping fanatic? Buy stuff from our attic! Alpha Delt is hosting a tag sale this week to raise money for Relay for Life. Books, lamps, clothing, printers, fridges, and more could be yours! Prices range from $1-$10. If you’re by the S&C this week, consider wandering to the Green Room to see what we found in our attic.

Dates and Times: Thursday (today) 5-7 p.m. and Friday (tomorrow) 3-5 p.m.
Place: Alpha Delt Green Room
Cost: $1-$10

Whudja Get at Waste Not!?

The annual Waste Not! tag sale was this weekend—the usual hodgepodge of second (or third or fourth) hand knickknacks. This year the sale was in two locations, Brainerd and Fountain. Despite prices, which some perusers felt were a bit steep, most items sold quickly. The sale started at noon on Saturday with shoppers sprinting to couches, lamps, mirrors Supermarket Sweep style. Fountain was picked almost clean within the first half hour of the sale, but Brainerd—where all the clothes were—was going strong all day Saturday.

So, what’d people buy? Film hall now has a new record player, which they claim will be used for “playing music.” Jules Berman ’16 of West College bought a birdhouse, which he’s hoping will bring canaries and cockatoos to play above his bed.

A shout out to the hip and cool sustainability interns, Noah K-M ’13 and Kate Weiner ’15, who will be putting on campus sustainability events throughout the year.

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Waste Not! Tag Sale this Weekend

If you’re still looking for cheap, useful stuff to buy, go to the Waste Not! tag sale this weekend:

Need a loveseat to canoodle on? How about a mini Buddha figurine to match with your Tibetan prayer flags? Fretting over how to launder your comforter without tennis balls? Waste Not!, Wesleyan’s annual tag sale, has all of these things, plus an extensive collection of tutus and a pristine Batman statue.

Every spring, students donate items that they not longer need or want, and we store them over the summer to sell in the fall. We have mini-fridges, outdoor furniture, couches, clothing, costumes, kitchenware, and tons of miscellaneous, often hilarious, items for you to buy at extremely low prices. It’s Wesleyan thrifting!

The proceeds go to sustain the Waste Not! program (pay for storage, etc.) and extra goes to charity, so come support us! We’ve been working hard to sort through all this stuff and it kind of feels like we’ve been touching hundreds of really sweaty people for hours.

Save Big at the Middlesex Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Forwarded from Brittany Benham ’15, here is an opportunity from the Associate Executive Director of Middlesex Habitat for Humanity, Manny Cunard, to get cheap house stuff (aside from the Waste Not! tag sale coming up this weekend):

This fall as you look to furnish your apartment or room, stop in and visit the Middlesex Habitat for Humanity ReStore for your homedécor and furniture. Only located four miles from Wesleyan, the Habitat ReStore sells new and gently used home furnishings and building materials at discounted prices. Items that you can find in stock include the following: couches, upholstered chairs, bed frames, bureaus, dressers, dining room tables and chairs, desks, lamps, and more. The proceeds raised at the ReStore are reinvested into Middlesex County through various Habitat for Humanity projects. Support Middlesex Habitat for Humanity and ‘go green’ this coming school year by making your next purchase at the ReStore. 

Volunteer for Waste Not!!

Salame, everyone! It’s the first day of August, and I imagine many of you all are on the last legs of your internships, jobs, summer reading lists, and the like. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid WesDrawal up until this moment, maybe Marj Dodson ’13 and Jack Hoskins ’12, Sustainability Interns extraordinaire, can remedy the situation.

Come have a blast with the Waste Not! crew during orientation and not only will you get to chill, lift, move, organize, and party with the stellar group of Waste Not! volunteers, but you’ll also receive:

  • early access to your housing
  • dibs on Waste Not! stuff
  • great free meals
  • community service hours

Fill out this form to sign up: McLink

More info after the jump:

Tag sales up the wazoo

The First United Methodist Church will be holding its annual tag sale next weekend. Household goods, toys, books and more will be available. Get some hot dogs and beverages while you browse: yum! In addition, the United Methodist Women will host a bake table.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 6
Time: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: 24 Old Church Street

Christ Lutheran Church is also holding its annual tag sale, but it’ll be the weekend after next. They’ll have donuts, bagels, hot dogs, coffee and soda, too! Early risers get the best selection. Last year we got a free television, complete with faux-wood paneling and the highest quality electronics you could buy… back when it was made, in 1983. Regardless, the deals are great!

Date: Saturday, Sept. 13
Time: 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Location: 300 Washington Street

I think I may have also seen a sign for a tag sale at the South Congregational Church at the end of Main Street. Keep an eye out!

And fix your peepers on St. Sebastian Church, on Washington Street, because they may also be hosting a tag sale in the coming weeks.

Tag team tag sales on Labor Day

Before you check out the Waste Not! campus tag sale, walk a few blocks from campus, where you’ll find a huge, multi-family tag sale on the corner of College and Pearl.

They’ll have furniture (bookcases, tables, and more), clothes (shoes, vintage wear, and more), books, CDs, and kitchenware (glasses, pots, spice racks, and more). A small dorm refrigerator, new sheets, and a big oriental rug will also be up for grabs.
Date: Monday, Sept. 1
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Corner of College and Pearl Streets

Tag Sales: get cheap stuff (for a good cause)

We’ve been sent info by Jean Pockrus ’08 about two sweet tag sales coming up.

The first one runs through orientation week, and proceeds benefit Zimbabwean refugees:

Starts August 26th and continues over Orientation Week in two locations:
Usdan Campus Center and 190 High Street

For sale, for cheap: Lamps, laundry baskets, mini fridges, electronics, amps, appliances, school supplies, CDs, DVDs, decorations for your dorm, storage units, dishes, books, and lots of clothes and shoes!

Funds raised from the sale will benefit Zimbabweans who have fled the country due to political violence and economic strife. The parents of Mufaro Dube ’08 will be on hand to chat and answer any questions.

The second tag sale, Waste Not!, sponsored by Eon, takes place on Sept. 1st, and proceeds go to Amazing Grace and and the CT River Coastal Conservation District.

Waste Not! is an EON-sponsored effort to reduce unnecessary waste and encourage items to be recycled from year to year.

At the end of the school year, EON collects your unwanted items. Then, in the fall, we hold a HUGE tag sale to sell those items back to the community, thereby keeping valuable items out of the landfill and in circulation. Proceeds from the sale go to Amazing Grace (St. Vincent DePaul’s food pantry) and the CT River Watch Program’s CT River Coastal Conservation District.

When: Monday, September 1 from 3-5 pm
Where: The Corner of Church and High, behind Alpha Delt.

The following are some of the items available at the sale: clothing, dorm furniture (chests of drawers, shelves, chairs, mattress pads), rugs, lamps, electronics/ appliances (printers, alarm clocks, phones, refrigerators, microwaves), educational materials (textbooks, books for classes), other books, posters, dorm decorations in general, bedding, dishes, hangers, mirrors, light bulbs, electric tea kettles, random knick-knacks, popcorn, brooms.

Earth House: singing, selling stuff

Tag Sale

This tag sale will raise money for Long Lane Farm’s new greenhouse. We are now accepting donated items to the tag sale. Please drop them off at 159 High any time before Friday, April 18. The front door opens into a vestibule (a second locked door leads into the house). If you leave your donations in the vestibule, we will be able to get them. Thanks!

Date: Saturday, April 19
Time: ?
Location: Earth House

Round Singing

This is very informal, and we’d love to have anyone come, regardless of experience or talent. If you have a song you’d like to share, by all means, come teach it! We hope to see you there.

Date: Wednesdays
Time: 10:00 PM
Location: Earth House