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Sign Petition to Save Wesleyan’s Custodial Workers

Last semester, USLAC (United Student-Labor Action Coalition) made tremendous progress in helping Wesleyan’s custodial workers be contracted under new management—Sun Services LLC. Thanks to immense support from the Wesleyan community, USLAC collected over 700 signatures to make this change possible. But Wesleyan’s custodians need your help again. When they signed their contracts back in May, Sun management assured them that it would retain all 60 of the workers. Now, it is planning to lay off 10 workers by September 1. USLAC needs your signatures (ASAP, as early as next week), for the sake of these 10 workers and to stand in solidarity with Wesleyan’s custodians:

Dar Williams ’89 to Teach CSPL Course in the Fall

If you’ve browsed through WesMaps recently, perhaps you noticed an exciting new addition to our illustrious faculty—folk singer and Wes alum Dar Williams ’89! She’s teaching a course for the Center for the Study of Public Life (CSPL) called Music Movements in a Capital Democracy.” The course, currently open to junior and senior non-majors (Wednesdays 1:10-4), is described as follows:  

Community Voter Engagement Walk

Tali “Avital” Robbins ’15 wants YOU to come out to the Hartford Community Voter Walk. The event is co-hosted by the Connecticut Center for a New Economy and UNITE HERE!, which does groundbreaking work representing food service workers at universities, corporate campuses, hotels, casinos, etc. across the country, turning traditionally low-wage positions into sustainable jobs that pay a living wage with real benefits. They also emphasize the importance of forming long-term partnerships with other community organizations that do the same kind of economic justice and political engagement work that they do. Event info: