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Photos: Students March on TD Bank, Rally Against Keystone XL


This Saturday, a crowd of over 60 (including roughly 25 Wesleyan students) rallied in Middletown against the Keystone XL Tarsands Pipeline. The pipeline, which would carry an especially nasty and energy intensive type of oil from indigenous lands in Alberta across the American prairie to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, has been derided by climate scientists as an extraction project that would spell “game over for the planet”.

The energetic march rallied on High Street before marching 1.5 miles up Washington to target TD Bank, one of the primary financiers of the pipeline project. The protesters held signs and banners, formed a picket outside the bank, chanted slogans, and distributed fliers to customers urging them to divest from TD Bank and join local credit unions, which are not-for-profit and member-run. The rally drew participants from all over the state including a number of Middletown locals.

March on TD Bank – Rally Against Keystone XL Tarsands Pipeline

td bank

Capitalism vs. the Climate writes in with this call to action:

Rally against TD Bank, one of the primary investors of the Keystone XL Tarsands Pipeline, an extraction project which climate scientists have declared would mean “game over for the climate” if it comes to fruition. The bank is destroying the homes of communities who lie in the path of the pipeline out west, while putting working families out on the street here in CT with evictions and foreclosures. It’s time we fight back and demand justice for our communities. Students in solidarity with the working class.

Meet at the corner of Washington and High at 10:15am and join us as we march to the bank’s location at 911 Washington Street.

This February, Middletown sent more than 50 people to the historic Keystone XL rally in D.C. This is our chance to continue the struggle here on our home turf.

Working people and students need to come together and fight for our common future.

This action is being organized by Capitalism vs. The Climate.


  • Date: Saturday, September 21, 2013
  • Time: 10:15am
  • Place: From corner of Wash and High, march on TD Bank
  • FB: Event