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Teach for America Information Session

Stop what you’re doing and pay attention. This just in, from Jennifer Healey at the Career Resource Center:

Do you dream of making a difference in the world after you graduate? Do you want to wake up every day knowing that you’re part of a
movement working towards equity and social justice – a movement geared towards transforming lives, perspectives, and our country?

If so, then join Evan Hendon, a member of the Kansas City charter corps who taught 6th grade Social Studies and 10th grade African American History and Economics, for an information session on October 2nd at 7:00pm in 41 Wyllys, Room 112. This will be a great opportunity to learn about his impact in the classroom and find out how you can become a part of this movement to ensure that all children in this country have access to the quality education they deserve.

Discussion: CT Education Reform

From Andrew Ribner ’14:

Come discuss the current state of Connecticut’s education reform with Kevin Coughlin, Teach for America alumnus and Students for Education Reform’s Connecticut program director. Coughlin will be discussing national and state-wide goals and initiatives of the education reform movement.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 08
  • Time: 6:30 PM – 07:30 PM
  • Place: PAC 002

Facebook: link.

One Week for America – Spring Break 2012

From Andy Ribner ’14:

One Week For America is a partnership between Wesleyan and Teach For America. This is the inaugural year of our externship program and is a sister program of Four Weeks For America where MIT and Harvard undergraduates have been sent to serve in Corps Members’ classrooms for the month of January. With One Week For America, you are expected to complete one (or two, if interested) week(s) of service in a Connecticut corps member classroom. Undergraduates live with corps members and learn about the challenges that our education system faces and about the Teach For America program and model. The Wesleyan participants are expected to design a capacity building project over the course of their week that will leave a lasting, measurable result on the classroom they are working with.

Date: Apply between now and February 3. You must be available during the week of February 27 for a brief training session.
Place: yr cmptr

Teach For America: Alum Perspective & App. Deadline

Dear Wes Seniors,

I’m taking a break from grading science projects to give you a heads up that the second application deadline for Teach For America is coming up this Wednesday (October 27th). I’m teaching through TFA in Denver, Colorado. It’s hard work. It’s good work. It’s different every week. It’s important because educational inequality sucks. It’s important because Brian and Jasmine and Luz deserve to be heard, and more people will hear them if they can read and write.

I also appreciate this opportunity to strengthen my own instrument—Teaching, and TFA in particular, is the most legit leadership training I can imagine.  Despite the fact that being a new teacher (maybe regardless of training) is kind of like bench-pressing an angry cop while hang-gliding through a herd of stampeding elephants looking for a small donut and calculating the ten-thousandth digit of pi as you work fiercely together with others to build a playing card house to the moon… despite this fact, I can already see my capacity for making things happen deepen by the month.

If you’re considering applying and want to chat or have any questions, feel free to call me.  If you’re interested but unsure about Teach For America as an organization, I’d love to talk. No approach to tackling social issues is perfect, but I’ve developed a solid respect for this organization and am as down as ever to work through critical questions or concerns.

As for applying, I was thrilled to have applied in October because the final decision gets made in early January, which is nice. If this work catches your interest, go for it. Also check out the various city teaching fellowships around the country (Denver Teaching Fellows, New York Teaching Fellows, etc). And enjoy your year. (I think you’re lovely).


Noa Wotton ‘10

(510) 710-1151

Let’s Get Ready Info Session

From Martine Seiden ’11:

Let’s Get Ready is looking to recruit new Coaches for the Fall Semester! Come to an informational meeting to learn more about the position.

LGR expands access to college in America by mobilizing, equipping, and empowering a movement of college students helping high school students get to college. LGR provides under-resourced students with free intensive SAT preparation, college advising and powerful role models for college success.

Coaches teach a class of 4-5 students once a week, in either the Verbal or the Math sections of the SAT, as well as help with the college app process. You must have at least a 600 on the section you wish to teach. Extensive training and support provided, no teaching experience needed!

LGR has a relationship with Teach for America. Coaching is a great way to improve your resume! Federal Work Study students can be paid for their time. or email the Wesleyan Site Directors, Martine and Julia, at wesleyanlgr(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions. Applications are being taken here http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HQY8PDX and are due Sunday 26th at Midnight.

  • Time: 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Place: PAC 104
  • Date: Mon., Sept. 20

Teach for America showing documentary

Teach for America is hosting a screening of Catch a Glimpse, a CNN documentary that “captures [the] challenges of our education system by following four new Teach for America teachers working in some of our nation’s toughest schools.”

There will be an introduction by the CRC’s Persephone Hall, and it will be followed by a Q&A with Jessica Sullivan ’08, a current TFA Corps member. Plus, there will be free pizza.

Date: Monday, Oct. 13
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: PAC 004

TFA Applications Up

Hey, seniors, if you’re interested in applying Teach for America this year, the online application has just been put up. Even if you’re not completely sure you want to do it, it’s worth checking out and starting because it’ll help you know what you need to get done this year so you’re not freaking out about it last minute. (And like I’ve said before, there are benefits to applying in the earlier cycles.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at hwood@wes, or Rebecca Feiden ’08 at rfeiden@wes.

Teach for America – For the Early Birdies

Hi seniors! So I haven’t officially outed myself on here as one of this year’s Teach for America coordinators, but I am! Woo! Go team TFA!

Teach for America is program that places recent college grads to teach in low-income public schools to help fight for equity in education and Wesleyan always makes a strong showing in the applicant pool. Some people have been emailing me about the program and how they can begin applying for the 2008 admissions cycle. And those people are AWESOME. And smart. Here’s why:

So a little bit about the program. There are four cycles that you can apply for and obviously, the sooner you get it done, the less you need to worry about later. Actually, applying in the first cycle offers a couple of benefits later applicants won’t have: you’re more likely to get to choose where you go, you’re more likely to move up in the applicant pool and get interviewed (because there are less people applying), and you won’t be as stressed out when all the paperwork comes at you at trickle over the year compared to the deluge that 4th cycle candidates are going to get.

For the first cycle’s deadline is probably going to be September 30. So if you’re interested in applying for Teach for America, I urge you to take some time over the next few weeks (before the chaos of school starts!) and begin checking out the website and finding out more information about building a quality application. If you apply by that date, you’ll find out about your status by mid November.

And, of course, if you have any questions, please, please, please feel free to email me at Hwood@wes. I’d love to hear from you even if you’re only a teeny, teeny bit interested.