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Wesleyan Comes to “Street” View

OH MA GAWD IT'S WELLESSSLEYYYAANN!!!Do you have a severe case of wesdrawl? Suffer no longer!  Whether you’re sitting in your parents’ house in Manila or laying in bed in the Butts, you can now virtually walk around campus through the Street View function on Google Maps.

As the Official Google Blog itself put it, “Whether you’re a current student trying to familiarize yourself with campus, an applicant assessing your options or an alumnus feeling nostalgic, the Street View feature in Google Maps can be your tour guide without the backward walking.”  An LA Times blog post linked to by the Wesleyan Facebook observes that prospective students and their families can now “imagine strolling along the Charles River at Boston University or enjoying the sunshine at Wesleyan University’s Foss Hill, right on the computer.”

The Usdan Kiosks: They’re Aliiiive

According to a note by Zhicheng Wang ’15 on the WSA blog, the Usdan computer kiosks have all been renewed, upgraded, and fixed. Using those public kiosk monstrosities without wanting to punch the glass out seems almost unfathomable, but I think this might be for real:

Now, thanks to the hard work of Christopher Caesar of ITS, the computer kiosks at Usdan are all renewed and upgraded to a new software. If you stand in the Gregory Lounge facing the direction of the help desk, you will see eight thin-client Windows computers all up and running.  The ability to open Microsoft Office documents and Adobe .PDF documents has been enabled. Farewell to old days when you could not use any programs and could only browse the web.  Also, a little-known fact: you can print from the kiosks to the Ricoh copy machine in the back.  We have great confidence that the newly upgraded computer kiosks will serve the student body far better the the old ones.

Thanks, ITS peeps—this is no small task. The public computer kiosks have long been one of the major shames of Usdan, along with brunch omelet lines and those measly 6-point sandwiches at the cafe. Tonight, I’ll trek over and print something to the Ricoh copy machine. Not because I don’t have a printer. Just because I can.


Seeking Web Designers

David Goldman ’12 writes in seeking web designers for a new social network here is starting. Eventually you will be pushed out of the operation and forced to take legal action and portrayed by Andrew Garfield in the Hollywood adaptation. But that’s neither here nor there:

Have website design experience? Looking to get involved in a website start-up?

David Goldman ’12 and Adam Ilowite ’12 are looking for website designers to help code and launch their new site in the coming months. More details available in person.

Contact dmgoldman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or ailowite(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to hear more.

NYT Awards Wes Student a Notable Mention in Modern Love Essay Contest

This past February, the New York Times Sunday Styles section held a college essay contest centered on the topic of modern collegiate romance — a phenomenon increasingly characterized by navigations of emotional meaning in the wake ever-advancing digitization of relationships. From over 1400 meditations and reflections on this theme, one winner, four runners-up, and an additional five notable mentions were selected, including a piece by Wes’s own Lindsay Abrams ’12. Considering the volume of submissions, that’s a feat worthy of some big ups indeed.

A list of other distinguished submitters can be found at the link above. The winning entry, written by Caitlin Dewey of Syracuse University, is available for your perusal in the NYT Styles section; a list of participating institutions can be found here. Happy reading, y’all.

Internet Outage Postpones Other Internet Outage Intended to Actually Make Internet Faster

Last month, we excitedly posted about a substantial increase in internet connection speed. The announcement promised improvement, but requested patience in its implementation:

We are therefore pleased to announce that Wesleyan has changed providers and is moving from a 200MB line to 1000MB line.  This substantial increase should satisfy the needs of every student.  The contract for this deal has been signed. However, a change of this magnitude requires a great deal of work, so we ask for your patience.

Thanks to yesterday’s two-hour outage (caused by a “critical switch malfunction”), turns out we’ll have to be a little more patient than we thoughtand a little more patient than Wesleyan’s academic calendar allows. If I’m reading this all-campus email correctly, preparations for the new bandwidth have now been rescheduled for May 14, the day university housing closes at noon:

WTF Dinner Meeting at Usdan, Feb. 15

You’ve probably (hopefully) heard about the Wesleyan Technology Front (WTF), not least because of our past coverage. Well, the resistance continues. An anonymous dispatch ‘?? writes in:

Food AND the Internet. What more could anyone possibly need? Come talk about how technology can improve life on campus, and how we can use it to help others.
P.S. Ask Egypt, this “Internet” shit works

Date:   Feb. 15
Time:   6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Place:  Usdan 108

Also, mad props for the picture, WTF folks.

This Email Is A Scam

If this pathetic imitation of an ITS announcement just appeared in your inbox, ignore it. It’s a phishing scam. Do not “clink” the link or provide your information. Further evidence via A-Batte (click to enlarge):

As ITS pointed out a few months ago, “Neither ITS nor the Help Desk will ever ask you to provide your username or password via email or from a link in an email.” If you already took the bait (you’re not alone), change your password now: Eportfolio –> Tools and Links –> Password Manager.

As usual, Industry Rule #4080 applies: things that include the five letters “Phish” are shady.

Wii Night

Yuki Ohmori ’13 wants to play video games with you. Don’t be alarmed:

Come to the Nics Lounge with friends for a fun, free night of Wii!

We have:

  • Just Dance (1)
  • MarioKart
  • Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
  • Trauma Center
  • And more!

We will have two controllers, and guests are welcome to bring their own games, as well as controllers to play multiplayer games!

Delicious Japanese snacks will be provided. Brought to you by Japanese Hall and the RA of Fauver Residence Hall.

  • Date: Saturday, February 12
  • Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM [before Dr. Dog]
  • Place: Nics Lounge

Wesleyan, Unplugged in Middletown

Forty minutes ago:

  • Usdan Tabler:Hey! You! Want to sign up to unplug on February twelfth and go a whole day without your computer and—”
  • Me: [shakes head. sad smile.]
  • Usdan Tabler: “Oh. Yeah. Huh. I guess you can’t. You’re, like, a blogger.”

Look: just because I’m not participating in this horrifying madness of “real human interaction” and “appreciation of the world around us” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In fact, all these excellent people are doing it (see: video below)! And there will be an opening ceremony in Usdan at 6:00 on Friday. Peer pressure peer pressure peer pressure peer pressure:

WTF is WTF!?

If you enjoy bitching about Wesleyan’s sad internet speed via Wesleyan’s sad internet speed in your free time, this one goes out to you: an anonymous student ’12 has sent us a cryptic note regarding the launching today of the Wesleyan Technology Front (WTF), which received WSA approval this week and defines its mission as “saving Wesleyan and the world from crappy Internet, censorship, and other scourges of the modern world.”

Are you reading this?  Not just Wesleyan. The world, man.

More about WTF: