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Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, has just been sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. Das Racist will (still) never get to collaborate with the (real) late King of Pop. Conan O’Brien pronounces “Das Racist” funny.

Despite all this (or because of it), everyone’s favorite Bard Art College/”Students of Color for Social Justice”-based duo makes its television debut worth the wait, hustling a real live Jackson impersonator onstage to moonwalk to the tune of Relax‘s familiar single, “Michael Jackson.” Also, there’s a freakin’ podium, a cymbal ensemble, and Victor Vazquez ’08 slamming his head across his keyboard (2:42).  Skip to around 3:00 for the MJ showcase.

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[via Pitchfork]

Thomas, Bays ’97 Go All HIMYM On Our Asses

It’s hard enough getting an interview these days with Carter Bays ’97 and Craig Thomas ’97, creators of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and powerful multibillionaires. For two Argus arts writers, it took the better part of freshman year.

But now Bays and Thomas want to talk. Specifically, they’ve managed to log onto to Wesleyan’s WesConnect alumni news board to spam their upcoming seventh season to point out some past Wes shout-outs (have you noticed? yeah?) and promise more. Here’s a clip of their message to the Wes community:

See, Carter and I based three of the main characters, Ted, Marshall and Lily (played by Josh Radnor, Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan) on Carter, myself and Rebecca Alson-Milkman (class of ’98) and had them meet at Wesleyan, much like ourselves. Over six seasons, we’ve written in many a reference to our beloved alma mater (Have you caught them, Wesleyan? Really? Okay, pop quiz: name them all. I’m waiting… You know what, I don’t believe you, let’s just move on!)

Lin-Manuel Miranda to appear on Modern Family

Tony award-winning Broadway musical with a movie adaptation in the works, check. Grammy award win, check. Co-founding a improvisational hip-hop comedy group that does really fun and dynamic shows, including one on our own campus last year, check. Sharing screentime on a popular medical drama with no less than HUGH LAURIE, check. Gig at The White House, check.

Ah, Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02. I love so much about the things that you choose to be (do?). And now, fresh from the Twitterverse, confirmation that he will soon guest star on one of everyone’s my current fa vourite television shows, Modern Family.


Zach Valenti ’12 in Jimmy Fallon contest

Zach Valenti ’12 has entered a contest to become a college intern for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, with a self-produced and self-animated video explaining why he’s good for the job.

Zach plays up his familiarity with the Wes music scene (note the Wesleying screenshots), along with his involvement in the zany WestCo lifestyle and promoting DJ Bastille last year.

Anyway, the creativity in his video is much higher than the other standard webcam entries. Check it out, and click here to comment and rate it:

The Two Coreys!

My God. My God. My God. A&E presents quite possibly the greatest show to hit television ever–The Two Coreys.

As Jess from College Candy aptly puts it:

“Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were the Lindsay and Britney of the yuppie era, adorable, famous, and then drug addicted and ruined. Only a few years after they starred side-by-side in the vampire extravaganza, both men were strung out Hollywood garbage.”

…it’s great. And so set up. But deliciously so. More deliciously than VH1’s Scott Baio show. That’s just sad. This is great. Watch this. I’m amused. More middle-aged 80’s stars, please.

GREEK pilot available free on iTunes

The pilot of GREEK, the previously-talked-about-on-Wesleying new ABC Family show, is available for free at the iTunes Store. Overall, it’s not that bad. It’s even kinda funny.

While I’m not getting paid for this—and nor is Apple, since the download is free—iTunes is a product of Apple, so I should mention I’m Wesleyan’s Apple Campus Representative. Wouldn’t want any hate mailcomments again. :-P