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Wes Pacific Makes Wes Debut

Amanda Palmer: “You know what’s amazingly meta about your incredibly confusing pun title? That it’s not specific.”

Remember when Wesleyan web series were all the rage? I do.

There was Enrolled—the first—in 2009, a college sitcom-style series written by Chris Correa ’10, Robby Hardesty ’11, and Josh Margolin ’11 and revolving around the lives of a group of friends at Wesleyan. Then Wannabes the following semester, a mockumentary-style show by Garth Taylor ’12, whose plot I seem to remember involving aspiring Wesleyan arts performers. There was The Internationals a year later, a Michael Steves ’13 production “about the freshman year of a hall of international students” . . .  closely followed by Laugh Track, also by Garth Taylor ’12, a painfully meta series about a group of college comedy writers writing sketches for their online series.

And now for something completely different (actually): Wes Pacific, a Will Feinstein ’13 production, makes its Wesleyan debut.