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Hey, Argus

I would like to just make a note about an article in your last issue, the one entitled “Spring Terp Show Wows, As Always.” It has come to my attention that in the rather extended reporting of the student-run dance showcase that involved a somewhat detailed personal reflection (refraction?) of the writer on each and every single piece, it seemed to have completely miss one dance in particular.

That dance, unfortunately, was mine.

Now, I am known in some (if not most) circles to be a complete diva—an utter raging drama queen, one could even say. But alas, it is neither fabulosity nor diva-nity that informs the writing of this post. I write today merely to give acknowledgments where acknowledgments are due, and to recognize the immense amount of work my dancers—and my friends—put in to my first and probably last frivolous attempt at choreography.

They are Hannah Plon ’14, Connor “Lonnor” Larkin ’12, Geri Rosenberg ’12, Huang Hsiao-Tung ’12, and, of course, my co-conspirator, Aditi Shivaramakrishnan ’12.

It might not have been the most coherent thing ever, but you folks should be recognized for your efforts, even if it’s not by the Argus.

Also—Argus, come on. Fact-check yo’ shit.

Terp Dance Show – sold out!

Cynthia Tong ’14, professional Furby impersonator and Asian baby peddler, has informed me that tickets for the Terpsichore Spring Dance show has officially been sold out on all time slots. If you’re still hell-bent on watching it, here are a few ways to getting a chance:

  • Go here for the Facebook event. Make a wall post asking for extra tickets or something.
  • Use the comments section down below to indicate if you have extras or are looking for extras.
  • Consider waiting at the World Music Hall before the show to capitalize on open spaces/no-shows.
  • Consider watching through the side windows.

And to sign off with the way they always sign off:

Be there.
Dancing is hot.

Dates: Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 14th
Times: 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm on Friday, 2:00 pm on Saturday
Place: World Music Hall
Cost: $4

Terpsichore Fall Auditions

From Audrey Haynes ’12:

It’s that time again….

Come audition to be a part of Wesleyan’s oldest student-run dance show! No dance experience is necessary and all styles are accepted and encouraged. Wear something movement-friendly that will stand out.

If you’re interested in choreographing, contact fbuzzi@wes. We love all styles and have pretty much seen it all, from contemporary to salsa to satire to sword dancing.

We’ll have auditions for Terp Core after general auditions.

Contact fbuzzi@wes or nowens@wes if you have any questions!

Dancing is hot.

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011
Time: 2:00PM- 5:00PM
Place: Fayerweather Dance Studio
Facebook: here